Walkin’ back to happiness

Last post for a few days. I’m off to Fiordland to “do” the Hollyford Track. I hesitate to say “walk” because jet-boating and planes are involved and real trampers might be tempted to sneer, but I do need real boots and a backpack. It may rain (but the forecast is pretty good). My companions will be a bunch of miscellaneous middle-aged winos (and a winemaker), and eating good food and drinking fine wine will be required. My camera will be ready to snap any moa that might stroll by. If I get back safely, blogging will be resumed on Monday afternoon next week.

[Update 15/12: Three days in a rainforest with no rain, and only one sandfly bite. Two brilliantly sunny days and one cloudy. As I missed out on the full Fiordland experience, I requested a discount. It was refused… 😉 ]

[Title reference]

4 thoughts on “Walkin’ back to happiness”

  1. Have fun Gareth.
    For Dewhurst: That piece of tripe is called Inhofe’s dead horse dressed in a new monkee suit. I suggest a side trip to Climate Progress to read the lovely review…

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