IPCC WG2 impacts report released: fire, floods and rising seas in all our futures

by Gareth March 31, 2014

After the usual run of late nights and argument, the IPCC has released the second part of its fifth report — the Working Group 2 report on climate impacts and risks management. Commenting on the report, VUW climate scientist Professor Tim Naish said “this latest report makes it quite clear that New Zealand is under-prepared […]

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Salinger upsets cranks: Treadgold’s toys exit cot

by Gareth January 27, 2014

Jim Salinger’s analysis of the climate crank campaign to cast doubt on New Zealand’s long term temperature record, published last week at The Conversation, has drawn an astonishing response1 from Richard Treadgold (left), the man who kicked off the whole sorry process over four years ago. In an intemperate and libellous comment at his web […]

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Must watch: Keeping it pure documentary on NZ climate change

by Gareth January 24, 2014

This weekend’s episode of the new Keeping It Pure documentary series on Prime TV looks at how we’re addressing climate change issues in NZ. It screens at 8-30pm on Sunday and looks like required viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject. Last weekend’s programme is being repeated on Saturday evening at […]

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It’s hot down here: 2013 was the New Zealand region’s 2nd warmest year

by Gareth January 6, 2014

NZ temperature expert Jim Salinger has been crunching last year’s data, and this morning confirmed that 2013 was a hot year in the New Zealand region — the second warmest in the long term record, beaten only by 1998. Based on 22 land stations and the three offshore islands, the annual average temperature was 0.84ºC […]

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Why NZ’s Emissions Trading Scheme is failing and how we could fix it

by Euan Mason December 19, 2013

This guest post by Professor Euan Mason of the University of Canterbury’s School of Forestry first appeared at his Photosynthesis blog. His analysis of the NZ and global position, and assessment of the potential forestry response is so interesting that I asked his permission to repost it here. New Zealand’s initial attempt to mitigate the […]

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NZ government climate policy: look, a squirrel!

by Gareth December 16, 2013

Two major new government reports on New Zealand’s emissions projections and the expected impacts of four degrees of warming on NZ agriculture were released without fanfare last Friday — the timing clearly designed to minimise media fallout from reports that highlight the paucity and ineffectiveness of current climate policy settings. Climate change minister Tim Groser […]

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Prat watch #13: still crazy, after all these years

by Gareth December 2, 2013

There’s a parallel world out there — the planet inhabited by climate cranks and deniers. It’s a world where you can say whatever you like, be as wrong as you like, be shown to be wrong repeatedly, even comprehensively lose court cases, and yet you never have to say you’re sorry, or admit to your […]

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Westward Ho: Who’s in Charge Here?

by Gareth November 22, 2013

We’ve had lots of opportunities to observe operations on the drillship — often better at night when it’s all lit up. The difficulty is in interpreting what we are seeing. Support ships come in and out. Cranes transfer people in cages from one to the other. Other cages and pipes inside the derrick go up […]

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Westward Ho: Singing Jellyfish and Other Trivia

by Gareth November 22, 2013

Day nine at sea, day seven on site, day four marking the ship. It would be mindlessly boring, day and night zigzagging alongside the ship, were it not for the excitement of updates from the campaign on land, the good company, and the occasional hilarious moment. Last night, off the stern of the Noble Bob […]

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Westward Ho: Days 6 & 7 – in the zone

by Gareth November 21, 2013

Blog post from Jeanette on Vega received at 08:30am thursday morning. Apology for the blog free days.When Bunny and I reached our final destination and joined the Vega as co-skippers, we lost access to computer and e-mail. This is being transferred via radio to s/v Baltazar where Ros is kindly typing it up. Since the […]

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