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Oops… (normal service will be resumed as soon as possible)

by Gareth September 5, 2014

There will be a brief intermission while I sort out the problem with the comment system. I (stupidly, without checking, because nothing ever goes wrong when you’re on the bleeding edge of an upgrade, does it?) upgraded Hot Topic’s WordPress underpinnings to the latest version — 4.0 — only to find that now comments don’t […]

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Hot Topic hiatus, or paws for thought?

by Gareth February 6, 2014

Over the next week, my posting frequency trend line is going to take a sharp dip — mainly because if we choose tomorrow and a week hence as our end points — which, as we all know, is far too short to be blogologically significant — there will be a marked absence of posts. Having […]

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Santa Baby (and other views)

by Gareth December 25, 2013

Christmas morning has dawned sunny and warm chez Hot Topic, and there’s a pile of presents waiting to be opened. I doubt that any will be what Eartha Kitt had in mind when she recorded Santa Baby in 1953, but she makes a compelling case for Christmas largesse to be directed her way. This afternoon […]

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Normal service will be resumed shortly

by Gareth September 12, 2013

Something of a global warming (coverage) hiatus has hit Hot Topic in the last couple of days, courtesy of the rather dramatic gale that hit my part of New Zealand on Tuesday evening. We are all well, and suffered no damage to our house — but there’s a hell of a lot of tidying up […]

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Hot Topic login not working

by Gareth May 28, 2013

Due to a security issue1 at Hot Topic’s web host, login to the site has been disabled until the problem is resolved. I have no information on when that might be, so if you’re trying to log in to leave a comment, or to register for the first time, please accept my apologies. You could […]

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Hot Topic interruptus

by Gareth May 13, 2013

It had to happen eventually. The creaking old laptop that was once my pride and joy1 has finally gone to the great orchard in the sky, and I have been forced to visit the grocer for a new piece of fruit. Being that I am a creaky old geek, I couldn’t just nip down to […]

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Eyes on the prize

by Gareth October 29, 2012

A few weeks ago I burned a little midnight oil and, hunched over this very keyboard, wrote a little story about The Last Climate Denier in New Zealand. If you were to think that it was a tad satirical, you would not be wrong. It’s a sad story, set in a parallel universe that bears […]

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The Aviator: new book now in flight

by Gareth August 20, 2012

At last it can be revealed — the project that’s been swallowing most of my writing time over the last year. The Aviator is a work of speculative fiction1, the first in a series set in The Burning World, and it’s my first foray into extended fiction — in which a plot idea borrowed from […]

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Get a grip!

by Gareth September 29, 2011

David Mitchell (on his soapbox) tells it like it is, with an appropriate degree of emphasis. By way of being a place-holder to mark my return to NZ and climate blogging. Currently overwhelmed by the amount of catching up of all sorts that I have to do, but something like normal service will resume shortly. […]

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Writer’s minor holiday

by Gareth August 2, 2011

Very last minute, this post. I’m about to fly out of NZ for the longest holiday I’ve had in a long time — celebrating an important milestone for she who must be obeyed (I’m not allowed to mention what age she was last birthday, but it was more than me…). We’ll be flying to Europe, […]

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