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hot-topic-cover.jpg Sometime in the next day or so, Hot Topic will be moving to a new server and getting a spiffy new look. I’ll do my best to ensure that there’s little or no break in service, but given that my techno-competence is strictly limited there may be a hiatus – with luck only brief. There’s also the risk that some comments may get lost, especially any made after I’ve exported the blog to the new WordPress install. Tweaking the look will then take some time… so please bear with me in this, my hour of panic.

9 thoughts on “Move on up”

  1. Whole lotta tweakin’ going on… And some of the plug-ins (like the one that lets you edit your comment after posting) don’t seem to be working. But I’m on the case. Too much snow to be pruning in the vineyard 😉

  2. BTW, just to remind people there are some good Kiwi climate scientists elsewhere, here’s an excerpt from a list of people I’ve heard:

    Professor Ronald Prinn, MIT Atmospheric Science, A Lead Author on IPCC AR4. He heads the MIT Center for Global Change Science, which includes Richard Lindzen.

    I was especially glad to hear him, as he moderated a famous debate between Stephen Schneider and Richard Lindzen in 1990, and about 10 years ago, he thought the scientific evidence on AGW was still “equivocal”. See ”MIT World, which includes a pointer to a video of talk akin to the one I heard, and he describes changing his mind, i.e., he is *not* equivocal these days. I recommend his video especially for his discussions on uncertainty.

  3. There’s a few things I’m still working on. The sidebar arrangement might change a bit, and the background image. Plus I can’t get the plugin that lets you edit a comment after posting to work, and the shopping cart I’m trying to install is doing strange things. But we’re getting there…

  4. I’ve just tried your font setting in Firefox, and I see what you mean. I’m doing all my tweaking on 14pt Times, which is (I think) the default for my browser (Safari). Sorry!

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