Hot Topic hiatus

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting less frequently – I’m donning my truffle hat and heading off to a conference in China. I’ll be checking in from time to time, as internet connections allow, and will try to keep in touch with climate news in NZ and overseas. You may expect me to plant some trees on my return.
Meanwhile, a few interesting links: British dairy farmers are waking up to their carbon footprint – which suggests that our farmers will need to do more than rely on their “global warming hero

One thought on “Hot Topic hiatus”

  1. Have read the book, and think it is well written and a good summary of what we know to date. I can’t say I learned much more than I already knew, but then I may be more widely read than the general public. My only criticism would be that there didn’t seem to be an Action Plan for people to take the next step and actually do something (even if it’s just to make them feel better :-)…)

    The following link on the Earthday site has a handy starter list, and most of these are pretty easy to do. For example, I changed the power from Genesis (largely coal burning) to Meridian (fully renewable energy sources) with a 5 minute phone call. Not much effort required, and admittedly my individual actions won’t have much impact on a global scale, but at least I have done something…

    Also, I replaced my petrol car with a eurodiesel, and apart from the benefits of only having to fill up every 3 weeks instead of every week, I save heaps at the pump when I do fill up.

    Have fun!

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