NZETS.jpg The Green Party has just announced that it will support the government’s proposed emissions trading scheme, because “the substantial changes we have won to the ETS justify voting for it”, according to leader Jeanette Fitzsimons. The changes include a “billion dollar” fund from ETS revenues to improve home insulation and heating, new rules on credits for firms established to use new low-carbon technologies, and some improvements on agriculture and biodiversity protection.

“A target for agricultural emissions reduction before 2013 will be gazetted along with other targets for emission reductions. Government has also agreed that there will be investment in a range of technologies and practices which can reduce agricultural emissions, particularly nitrous oxide. These will include not just nitrification inhibitors but also low input farming which can be just as profitable; biogas plants to convert manure to energy; and methods to control soil damage in wet conditions such as herd homes and stand off pads.”

No news yet from NZ First, but Greenpeace were (predictably) pleased with the decision.

[Update 27/8: NZ First has announced that it will support the ETS legislation.]

[Update 29/8: The ETS has begun its passage through Parliament.]

8 thoughts on “Willin’”

  1. And the corrupt lying scum Winston Peters gives the Govt a majority. NZ have been shafted by the most corrupt government we have ever had. Must make you proud Gareth.

  2. Sorry Bi, it is serious as far as people over here are concerned, Winston Peters has been outed as a corrupt briber and bribe taker and a liar. Just bc you reside elsewhere you think it does not matter as long as these bullshit peices of legislation get passed.
    No carbon schemes are necessary at all, just another lefttard load of shite getting more control over the masses.

  3. Perhaps someone can shed light on this.

    Is the National party proposing to keep the ‘”90% renewable electricity by 2025″ goal, or are they dropping it?

    In the current Forest and Bird magazine, F&B asked all parties a range of questions about the environment. To a question on GHG emissions, National repeated their “50 by 50” – 50% reduction on 1990 GHG levels by 2050 – policy. This was first mentioned last year as I recall but no details were then forthcoming. Do they have a policy on how to achieve this then?


  4. Hi Robert,

    According to Bill English, they are sticking to their “50 by 50” commitment (and to the 90% renewables target). You could be forgiven for thinking that this was “wishin’ and hopin’ ” in the light of their watered down ETS proposals.

    It is my view that “50 by 50” is too little, too late, and they appear have no credible policy for getting us there. Unless they’re going to announce one after the election…

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