Brian Fallow has a good piece in today’s Herald on what to look out for when the government announces details of its emissions trading system – due very soon. Balancing competing interests is a delicate political process, and taxpayers need to be aware that emissions “holidays

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  1. Check out more on Cap and Trade….

    In a new video just released on Terra Rossa, Retired four star general, Charles Wald speaks on the factors often left out of the cost of a gallon of gas. The video, “Cap. Trade. Grow.

  2. WTF? Why does a blog like Terra Rossa need so many people who actually seem to *work* there?

    A blog used to be the part time ramblings of a geek. Not professional polished PR spin.

    Of course one can’t hold the sponsors of a blog responsible for what goes on there but the sponsors of the Terra Rossa blog, Environmental Defense, aka Environmental Defense Fund are discussed at some length at sourcewatch.

  3. But why knock it??

    The video makes sense, pointing out the true cost of petrol for the US consumer and echoes the European Wind Energy Associations No Fuel (check out the video!)

    Terra Rossa also goes on to make the point that kicking the oil habit will help the climate too.

    Surely this is a win-win-win. And the more people that start talking about this stuff (whatever their political persuasion) the more likely it is that something will actually happen.

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