How green is my skyline?

WindturbineReaders with functioning short term memories may recall that my local lines company, Mainpower, through its Local Generation subsidiary is planning to build a wind farm on Mt Cass, looking down over the Waipara Valley. The site (or a large chunk of it) can be seen from the comfy chairs on my veranda, testing my commitment to low carbon energy and landscape aesthetics. To help me (and others) come to terms with what this means, Mainpower’s main wind energy people, Andrew Hurley and Todd Mead, have launched a blog covering the planning and development process. It promises to give an interesting insight into the way wind farms are developed, and already demonstrates a refreshing openness about the process. Andrew’s commented here on wind issues, and has been up to Limestone Hills to talk climate blogs and wind, so I wish them luck with their new venture. Not sure about the turbines on the skyline though… 😉

6 thoughts on “How green is my skyline?”

  1. Cheer up. If wind turbines were majestic in Spain (p.14 Hot Topic) they can be so here. And if some better source of renewable energy turns up they can always be dismantled. Better the turbines we can see than the CO2 we can’t.

  2. Hi Gareth
    Thanks for spreading the word about our windfarm and our blog. I still have a lot to learn about blogging so I’ll keep watching the old masters (like yourself and Ben).

    It’s good to see the sort of discerning readership your book (and blog) is picking up.

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