The Climate Show #5: on a hot wet green roof

The Climate Show returns with the first show of the new year, and it’s a cracker. Our guest is Dr Brad Bass, an expert in “green” roofing who joined Glenn in the Auckland studio to discuss the many advantages of growing things (even trees!) on our buildings. John Cook from Skeptical Science gives us an eye-witness account of the Queensland flooding, and explains the climate and weather background to the event. We also discuss last year’s record setting temperatures, the fakery of Don Easterbrook, and an interesting breakthrough in solar power technology.

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Show notes below the fold.

Record temperatures in 2010:

Hot Topic post: Everyone agrees: 2010 ties for top temperature.

National Climatic Data Centre report: State of the Climate Global Analysis 2010.

Global temperature map:

Rainfall chart:

Jeff Masters on Hudson Bay ice.

Why Don Easterbrook is wrong about 2010.

NIWA research on climate and snow on NZ skifields.

Green roofs

Dr. Brad Bass — Adjunct professor in the Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto and the recent Chair of the North American Green Roof Research Committee
All the links mention by Brad:

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities –

The Hundertwasser toilets and Vienna house.

John Cook from Skeptical Science on La Niña the flooding in Queensland:

SST chart from NOAA:

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology on the current La Niña. SOI chart:

Increased SST leads to more water vapour in the atmosphere:
[image to follow]

Extreme rainfall events are increasing
[image to follow]


New solar fuel machine ‘mimics plant life’

[Glenn promises to take the Christmas cards down before the next show… 😉 ]

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14 thoughts on “The Climate Show #5: on a hot wet green roof”

      1. Hey Professor Mackie with your “PhD in geochemistry and work experience”, watts up with EG Beck? if you are so keen to discuss his work why not talk to him about it.

        By the way, we all still waiting for your science…….. or is that copied from your buddy and fellow science student/nobel prize winner Al Gore.

        A ‘hot wet green roof’ sounds like we will be back living in caves if you and your ‘gang-green’ mates have their way.

        1. It would bring me no end of pleasure to have you in the same place as EG Beck for me to ask that question.

          Bryan Leyland after much prodding once said (while he could) that he would ask EG beck about the faults in EG Beck’s ‘work’ that I highlighted. Never did hear back from Bryan on that one.

          BTW: Top effort team. Refusing to engage with our troll(s) on any other issue appears to making it/them a tad tetchy. Keep it up. I hope their paymasters are displeased at the shellacing they are getting.

          I, on the other hand, skip merrily to the bank with my huge cheques from the IPCC.

          1. But Doug, you must remember that like the Monty Python parrot, unfortunately EG Beck is no more, I.e. deceased. Sadly for this argument.

            However, I for one would be keen to see you and Ken Ring debate the issues on the Climate Show. If you’re not available, I would most likely volunteer.

            1. Make sure you get him to repeat the one about El Nino and La Nina only being made up to obtain funding! Priceless…

            2. It would only be fair for such a contest to be handicapped. I reckon a couple of dozen ℨ or so would do it for me. Convenient, what with Ken Ring having no ℈ at all.

      1. Yes Ken Ring on the show, that would be a hoot! He once argued that CO2 would not rise above the “haze level” in the atmosphere as CO2 molecules are heavier than Air and should sink to the bottom…. That really tells you where his comprehension of matters of weather can climate are at. Sadly, his nonsense still finds much fertile soil to germinate in the minds of many equally scientifically challenged members of the public.

    1. Lank, just read the whole story before jumping to conclusions. Antarctica is bigger than its very cold center and on its fringes and especially in the Antarctic peninsula temperatures have risen much faster than the global average. So have ocean temperatures around Antarctica. The sea ice extend around Antarctica and especially the Antarctic peninsula has fallen. Krill levels in Antarctic waters have fallen dramatically – by 80% – sine the 70ies. This is a rather alarming fact as the southern ocean krill forms an important base in the food chain there.
      The colder inner arctic temperatures are due to changes in the wind patterns due to the warming around Antarctica.
      The complete picture of the response of Antarctica to AGW is not at all encouraging but alarming.

  1. The discussion on green roofs was interesting and in particular Hundertwasser. My little anecdote – I had to recover cannabis off the roof of the Hundertwasser toilets when I was in the Police. Some wise-ass had planted about half a dozen dope plants up there.

    Hope I’m not giving anyone ideas on their selection of green roof crops!.

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