TDB Today: Three more years (up shit creek and paddling hard)

Take the time to listen to Emma Thompson’s stirring address to the climate marchers in London last weekend, and then head on over to The Daily Blog where in my post this week I examine the likely consequences of the re-election of a National-led government, and ruminate on the need to get ideology and politics out of the assessment of climate risk.

10 thoughts on “TDB Today: Three more years (up shit creek and paddling hard)”

  1. I think the Greens thought environmentalism would carry them along, but other parties now have environmental policies.
    Where it counts (Auckland) people can see the Greens have no answer to congestion and house prices.
    In addition they aren’t objective when it comes to family size and the need for some individual responsibility.
    Oh! I almost forgot Tino Rangitiratanga (one of their central doctrines) neither wise nor practicable.

    1. Who ‘he’ who be a list? The one that ‘be’ for the boycott? That be Desmond Tutu…

      I look forward to your list of Exxon, Koch, Murray – hell even Santos – sponsorships.

      1. Indeed Bill, simple typos plague us, but we need to be clear here. We need to boycott those that make profits from fossil fuels, such as the local service station, supermarket etc

  2. Oh and Straw Man Andy: Since you often complain about subsidies for alternative power, when was the last time you checked on the tax payer bill for the subsidy of Nuclear Power in Britain?

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