The truth about wind energy

Shocking new revelations about the impact of excessive use of wind power on our planet — it could blow us out of our orbit around the sun! Oh, and coal is really, really, tasty…

[Courtesy of The Onion, hat tip to Climate Crocks].

6 thoughts on “The truth about wind energy”

  1. So no interest in the real problems then. Typical smug warmest response,
    I personally am really happy to see the industry crashing and burning in the markets

  2. Oh dear. Funny that Coal and Co are getting excited about something as far fetched as “saving the planet” from being flung out of orbit by a wind farm while at the same time stoking the real fires that are consuming our future well being. What a travesty.
    I guess the sad side of it all is, marketing, no matter how tasteless, silly or fraudulent, works on the minds of the gullible scientifically illiterates, which, in the great USA, is a frighteningly large cohort…

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