The Quadruple Squeeze

Required viewing: Johan Rockström of the Stockholm Resilience Centre talking at TEDGlobal 2010 about the “quadruple squeeze” we’re putting on the planet through overpopulation, climate change, ecosystem loss and the problem of surprises — tipping points in the system. Rockström was lead author on last year’s Nature paper on planetary boundaries and is an interesting and compelling presenter. Bottom line? We face a huge challenge, but there are ways we can fix the problem… [Hat-tip to Resilience Science]

5 thoughts on “The Quadruple Squeeze”

    1. There’s a line between “very professional presentation” and “glib”, and Rockström doesn’t cross it, in my view.

      Dealing with all the world’s problems in 18 minutes was never going to be easy… 😉

      1. Agreed. This is the kind of thing that we need for public information.

        No discussion about the seriousness of the problem, that’s taken as given. A good emphasis that climate is just one of several major problems with the same cause, us. A positive outlook that things we may already know about are examples of the solutions.

        Leave it to others to grind the power and oil companies into the dust.

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