The truth about wind energy

Shocking new revelations about the impact of excessive use of wind power on our planet — it could blow us out of our orbit around the sun! Oh, and coal is really, really, tasty…

[Courtesy of The Onion, hat tip to Climate Crocks].

Doonesbury on denial


I‘ve been following Garry B Trudeau’s Doonesbury strip for 30 years or more — the latest cartoon is one of the first emails I read every day. Looks like this week’s strip will be worth following. Meanwhile, out in the real world, the Republican would-be candidates for the Presidency of the United States continue to demonstrate that the American political system is profoundly broken — and avid users of the myFACTS service.

Primary gifting period comes but once a year

It will, with luck, be a quiet Christmas chez Hot Topic. A small family gathering instead of the usual table groaning with relatives, but I will shortly have my hands deep inside a turkey, and we will all be reminded that my mother makes the best mince pies in the world. Then it will be time for the cook (for it is me) to retire to the hammock in the shade of the birch tree with a book and a glass of wine and fall asleep. A very merry primary gifting period to all of Hot Topic’s readers and contributors. Normal service will be resumed when my liver has recovered and the mince pies are all gone.

Below the fold: B B King!

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The denial tango

A telling little ditty to start your week with a chuckle: Australia’s Men With Day Jobs perform the Denial Tango (lyrics below the fold). And for your further amusement, Joe Romm at Climate Progress notes an interesting cartoon at the New York TimesHappy Climate Change Denial Season.

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Borat is Monckton: The Hamster knows…

In a shock revelation on Aussie TV last night (see above), investigative journalists at ABC’s The Hamster Wheel have confirmed what insiders had suspected for some time — prominent climate denier and potty peer Christopher Monckton is in fact the latest project of Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen. Scrotum is not amused

[Hat-tip: Peter “Climate Crocks” Sinclair]