In the (rural) ghetto

cow.jpg It’s no secret that Federated Farmers doesn’t like the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme. But their latest press release (which almost slipped under my radar over the weekend) sets a whole new standard for ridiculous hyperbole. According to Feds president, Don Nicolson, the ETS will be so damaging that it will create “rural ghettos”. Here’s Don in full flow:

“If we want to try and remain a first world country, rather than a third world country, the simple fact is, we need agriculture to prosper and grow. We can’t afford to kill New Zealand’s golden goose. If we do, we will have rural ghettos and a lower standard of living for all New Zealanders. Here’s hoping we don’t kill the golden goose and develop rural ghettos.”

Let’s ignore the fact that agriculture is excluded from the ETS until 2013, and will be treated with kid gloves thereafter. Let’s not mention that it amounts to a subsidy from the nation’s taxpayers to the agricultural sector. Let’s pretend that farmers are going to forced into penury by the ETS, that we can somehow afford to ignore the global move to put a price on carbon. Let’s just have a loud and ludicrous public whinge.

Thanks for the cogent policy advice and intelligent lobbying Don. Don’t give up the day job.

4 thoughts on “In the (rural) ghetto”

  1. I can just see it now….

    A vast crowd of farmers driving their tractors up the steps of parliament all dressed as geese with vibrant golden plumage, shouting –
    “let the goose live”…and…”no more rural ghetto’s”.

    Such stirring rhetoric! Someone should write a song….

  2. “Let’s ignore the fact that agriculture is excluded from the ETS until 2013”

    Or lets ignore the fact that farming also uses fuel and electricity. And that the costs that fall on dairy and meat processors are sheeted home to farmers.

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