How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot and still walk to work?

Airconcover.jpgI do enjoy Wishart’s attempts at ripostes to my debunking of his nonsense. Last time, you may recall, he got confused between volcanoes beneath the ocean and the ones you can see — like Ruapehu. This afternoon he shoots from the hip in response to my post, and confuses himself yet again…

And in case Truffle doesn’t explain it properly, Wouters et al’s paper is helpfully entitled “GRACE observes small-scale mass loss in Greenland” [my emphasis on small scale]. The paper was not called “Panic Stations: All Hands To The Pumps!”.

He claims to have read the paper, but hasn’t noticed that in this context, small-scale means regional — that is, differentiating between mass loss in the various bits of Greenland. It’s all there in the abstract…

…we examine changes in Greenland’s mass distribution on a regional scale.

Remember, this is a man who claims to have investigated the whole field, and determined that “anthropogenic global warming theory is nothing more than a propaganda stunt” (p227). And “behind all the scare stories on a number of fronts — from the need to give up the war on drug trafficking to the need to tax you thousands of dollars more per year because of your “carbon footprint” — lies a left-wing billionaire (one of several in his group) with an agenda and the means to pull it off.” (p242).

Schoolboy howlers and conspiracy theories. A heady mix for some, a laughing stock to others.


[PS: The former NZ champion trufflehound has fully working teeth.]

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