Exclusive: ACT release election video explaining climate policy

Source [Hat tip: Cindy]

12 thoughts on “Exclusive: ACT release election video explaining climate policy”

  1. The BEST animated comment (on human reaction to having to accept the facts of climate change) that I have seen/heard.

    It encapsulates the problem with humour and without confrontation or offence.

    I’ll certainly “share this”!


  2. “This video is crappy but funny, i don’t believe its political!”

    Yeah it’s not actually an ACT production…as i have revealed elsewhere, i thought it was.

  3. ‘distortion appears to be the founding principle of ACT’s climate policy!’
    Don’t forget illiteracy and ignorance!
    Our neighbourhood was treated to both their ‘Zero tolerence for crime’ and ‘The Emmisions Trading Scheme will ruin NZ’ billboards for a glorious few days ..

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