Across the university

My computer asked me to update iTunes this morning, and with the latest version installed a whim took me to the Music Store, then into iTunes U – Apple’s rather US-centric title for a huge collection of university lectures and podcasts, audio and video, from academic institutions around the world. There’s stuff from Otago, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge – and recently added, lectures from my alma mater. If you use iTunes and have an account at the Music Store (you can open an account by giving them a credit card number, but do not then have to buy anything) there is a huge amount of free material available for download. I have a couple of lectures from University of California’s Santa Barbara campus (UCTV) to watch: James Hansen giving the Nierenberg lecture at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute, and a lecture on methane hydrates. It’s a great resource – but be warned, you need lots of bandwidth to take advantage of the videos…

If you have any favourites from iTunes U, let us know in the comments.

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