A very Green Christmas

If only all Christmas music was as good as this. The finest voice in soul, and a Green with it, reminds us what today should feel like. Compliments of whatever shakes your tree from Gareth and all the writers who have contributed to Hot Topic over the past year. Should Al pall, then spend a few minutes pondering the energy problems confronted by a Glasgow legend during the festive season. Nadolig llawen.

4 thoughts on “A very Green Christmas”

  1. Happy Christmas, Gareth. I’m going to miss you when you come south next month as my husband and I are shifting waaaay up north (to Wellsford) early in January.
    We had a “green” Christmas – I didn’t use the stove or oven all day.
    Cheers everyone!

  2. Trust everyone had an enjoyable day! Very low key for me, given that the family shows had all happened the Sunday of the week before – very pleasant! Particularly after a week’s photo job in 39-43C heat in the Riverland…

    Anyway, just having noticed Gareth’s Aviator review from Paul Downton above, and given that he’s a famous Adelaidean – indeed, a resident of the suburb next-door – with a lot of good ideas, I thought I’d go all ‘open-thread’ and post a link to some of my old shots from his justly famous Christie Walk ‘Eco-city’ project.

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