Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?

Media Law Journal, Poneke (first, second, third), Public Address: Hard News, OnPoint, Kiwiblog (first, second), No Right Turn, Deltoid (first, second, third), Audent (first, second), Southern Dave, Barista, Tim Jones, from the morgue, Website.net.nz, Scoop.

[Update: Media7 coverage here, plus a somewhat confused David Cohen in the NBR]

[Update 2: International Journal of Inactivism, Mediawatch (27/4, Radio New Zealand).]

If you come across any more, stick ’em in the comments, and I’ll promote them to the post.

[Wikipedia, butterfliesandwheels.com]

9 thoughts on “Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?”

  1. Hi Gareth

    There’s some bad HTML in this post that has broken the layout of your front page, on Firefox anyway. If you can’t see the problem, contact me via email and I’ll give more detail.


  2. Thanks Mark. I thought we’d sussed the problem yesterday when it first showed up, but obviously not.

    I’ve just applied the combined coding knowledge of a small potato and Google to come up with something that works in my FF, but feel free to let me know if there’s still a problem.

    If there is, I’ll fry the potato.

  3. Su Yin, I was not accusing you of being a small potato, honestly!

    (Su Yin is HB Media’s super web person, responsible for slick looking websites like this one usually is).

    Su Yin: I changed the YouTube embedding code, following the advice in the bottom comment here. And removed any line breaks. Fine in FF2.0.0.1 & 14 on OS X.5.

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