What’s climate? Ask a real scientist…

A few weeks ago, our beloved Climate “Science

One thought on “What’s climate? Ask a real scientist…”

  1. Thanks for the post, Dr Renwick. Nice analogies on weather-climate, and it’s very polite of you not to describe the sceptics’ position for what it is — a conspiracy theory.

    I know I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but I heard Augie Auer a couple of months ago on Newstalk ZB going on about how climate models couldn’t be trusted, and even then he was deliberately confusing weather and climate. (Richard Lindzen has done the same in Newsweek.) Sadly, the callers displayed a shocking lack of knowledge about the issue.

    For me, that’s the sign a sceptic has crossed the Rubicon and is deliberately spreading misinformation.

    By the way, that NZ Herald story talks about the Climate Science Coalition study as having been conducted by “climate scientists”. Is it strictly correct to call them such? Are any of them actually active in the peer-reviewed literature?

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