Whatever happened to global warming, eh?

British comedy duo Armstrong & Miller take on global warming. Do not drink hot liquids while watching. You have been warned.

[via Andy Revkin, who feels the need to explain the “humor” for his audience]

9 thoughts on “Whatever happened to global warming, eh?”

      1. Dear John, I get the feeling Father Christmas let you down badly this year and you are taking your ill-humour out on your fellow humans. You really do not like this forum – so why do you stay? You have permission to go elsewhere. I hope you will get a nice New Year’s surprise to make up for your disappointment. Love, Carol.

            1. JD and the ACT party stalwarts do not need advice obviously. Those on the right corner of the right wing in politics simply “know” whats good for their Folk and Vaterland just like those brave radio talk-back hosts and their favorite callers….. Damned be those lefty intellectuals who dare to actually take a look, do science and that sort of stuff. No, ACT and Co are well above that sort of kindergarten stuff. “The Führer knows best” they used to say when leadership still counted for something and that Delingpole also longs for a return of the iron fist of the righteous and the cleansing effects of a good old war in the trenches …….

              [told you that icon of JD’s was a bulls eye]

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