“We’re screwed” – New York tabloid bites climate bullet

The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid flagship in the big apple, has published a “special edition” to welcome the 100 world leaders who are gathering in the city to discuss climate change at the UN. Screaming in best tabloid fashion “We’re Screwed”, the paper paints a telling picture of what life will be like for New Yorkers as their climate changes. Under headlines like Congress to New York: Swim For It, the paper examines the stark reality of current policies on climate change, but also finds space for Pam’s Pom-Poms (left). And the outlook for beagles when sea level rise hits is sad indeed… Cat lovers should avoid Calvin & Hobbes, but the Wizard of Id is on form.


[Hat tip: Sonny, and thanks to this lot.]

9 thoughts on ““We’re screwed” – New York tabloid bites climate bullet”

  1. Gareth may be scratching his head as to why what looks like the NY Post website has the hoax on it…the guys who did this also once created a site which more or less looked like the WTO or something, and waited. They got an invite and then did a hoax presentation which bizarrely seemed to go down well enough. The real NY Post site is http://www.nypost.com/, not http://nypost-se.com, though it seems plausible if one imagines ‘se’ stands for ‘special edition’.

  2. What’s particularly amusing is Watts take on this:
    Climate Alarmists stoop to new low – create “fake” newspaper and website to push climate agenda
    …which is followed by a lot of fulminating about copyright. No sense of humour at all.. 😉

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