The Climate Show #19: A Tale of Two Poles

La Nina makes a return, Times Atlas Gate (or something like that), the Petermann Glacier break-up, Pirates cause global warming (not really) and Ice adventurer Rob Swan pushes for Green Growth. Gareth is still away but John and Glenn will play, The Climate Show is back for another spin.

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The Climate Show

News & commentary: [0:05:54]

More than a million people in central Japan were urged to evacuate as a powerful typhoon approached. Meanwhile the hurricane season in the Atlantic is simmering away.

La Nina is back for the southern summer.

Times Atlas is ‘wrong on Greenland climate change’.

‘Gob-smacking’ scale of Petermann Glacier break-up

Climate change driving species migration 2 to 3 times faster than previously thought

Pirates are preventing climate research

Feature interview – Robert Swan, Ice Adventurer. [0:25:45]

He discusses the Pure Antarctica Competition and how young leaders can make a difference in championing Green Growth in New Zealand and the world. Also take a look at 2041.

Debunking the skeptic, John Cook from [0:48:08]

The CERN experiment and cosmic rays


Solutions [00:55:58]

At the recent Pacific Forum New Zealand announced that it will invest $7.9 million to fund the construction of a photovoltaic solar plant in Tonga.

Make your own solar iPhone charger.

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Theme music: A Drop In The Ocean by The Bads.

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