The Climate Show #15: Michael Ashley and the ineducable Carter

We thought we’d try for a record short show — and failed, because once again there was just to much to talk about. We have more on Eritrean volcanoes, extreme weather over the last 18 months, a new report on the dire state of the oceans, and Stoat’s big bet. Special guest is Professor Michael Ashley from the University of New South Wales, discussing the state of play in Australia, John Cook does a rapid debunk of Bob Carter, and we have electric cars, more flow batteries and the gas we do not want to smell.

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News & commentary: [0:05:00]

The eruption of Nabro in Eritrea: Earth Observatory image.

Follow the action at Dr Erik Klemmeti’s Eruptions blog, watching Nabro from space.

Extreme weather – Jeff Masters chips in: Hot Topic post, Jeff Masters post, Neville Nichols on Aussie heatwaves.

State of the oceans report – not a good read:

Sea ice bets: $10,000 on the line at Stoat.

Interview: Professor Michael Ashley of the Department of Astrophysics at the University of New South Wales [0:19:50]

Journey into the weird and wacky world of climate change denial at The Conversation.

Monckton calls Garnaut a Nazi.

Debunking the sceptic, with John Cook of Skeptical Science [0:44:50]

Bob Carter op ed, and…

John Cook riposte.

Bob Carter: “Between 2001 and 2010 global average temperature decreased by 0.05 degrees”
“…slight global cooling over the past 10 years”

The PIG is flying: Pine Island Glacier melt rate doubles.

Solutions [00:58:20]

ReFuel – An electric car-fest

More on flow batteries – this one’s grid scale

Shale gas/fracking and why it isn’t any kind of solution to anything

Trailer for Gasland.

The outrageous British chat show host whose name completely escapes me.

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Theme music: A Drop In The Ocean by The Bads.

5 thoughts on “The Climate Show #15: Michael Ashley and the ineducable Carter”

  1. Gareth & Glen – The TV show host whose name you were fumbling for is Graham Norton. I remember him appearing in Father Ted a few times

    Another great show, and I prefer the slightly shorter episode. You don’t want to get too Peter Jackson-ish and aim for bloat!.

    1. We both remembered Norton after we stopped recording. That’s why there’s a link in the show notes (to Gwyneth Paltrow rapping, actually).

      As for show length, I’d like to get it under an hour, but because we’re informal and unscripted, that’s proving difficult. I suppose we could all speak faster… 😉

  2. Speaking of acidification – and yes, that is the right word – I’m pleased to see that our own Doug Mackie will be up at SkS shortly writing on it.

    Have to include this cracker comment from that page, responding to someone who’d raised the ‘acidification’ thing –

    On a side note, it’s only ‘basic chemistry’ until the pH drops through 7.0!

    Ah, Graham Norton in Father Ted (pity I couldn’t find s decent version of the Caravan / Youth Group scene. Anybody else think it’s odd that FT was Linehan’s young work, and the IT Crowd came later? Oh, what the heck – here’s Father Brian Eno)

  3. Great show once again.

    The flying business demonstrates just why we are not going to meet our quota. If you enlighten guys are unable to resist flying then no one will.

    “A recent ICAO report says CO2 is now up to 2.5% of global CO2 total and growing at 3% per year under the most optimistic scenarios envisioned by industry. The science in that report clearly states that the non-CO2 forcings are real and will need to be dealt with despite the lack of attention to them so far.

    There are no scenarios envisioned by international aviation companies or regulatory groups in which global aviation emissions fall…even by 2050. The game afoot in aviation is to avoid all hard caps and all carbon pricing. Period. It’s a big, uncontrolled grab for a lion’s share of the remaining global CO2 allotment in the coming decades if we are to stay under 2 degrees…with nothing in place or even envisioned outside EU to stop them.”

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