London calling


This is what 6 metres of sea level rise (see today’s Eemian post) would look like in central London — iconic buildings abandoned to the encroaching sea. It’s one image from a thought-provoking series: Wish You Were Here? Postcards From The Future, part of the London Futures project, which will be on show at the Museum of London until March. The images are striking — beautiful and unsettling, sometimes humorous — like the camels replacing the horses at Horse Guards Parade, the dust and pink light looking like a Victorian watercolour of Egypt, or wind turbines as flag poles down The Mall, and the palm oil plantation in Hyde Park.

The Telegraph has a gallery, or you can view them all at the London Futures web site.

[The Clash]

Paint it bleak


I paint about what life will be like when climate change gets worse¦

That’s just what I do. That’s my message to the world.

Those words were written by a young man whose exhibition of paintings is currently showing at a gallery in my home city Hamilton. I was impressed by both the paintings and the brief words which accompanied them and thought them well worth sharing with Hot Topic readers.

Yaniv Janson is only 18 but his painting has already received considerable recognition. Born with Asperger’s syndrome he has certainly found communication through his art. And he makes it very clear that he wants it to serve a social purpose. His website carries the heading Raising Awareness About Climate Change Through Art.

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