Monckton is a crock


Impossible to resist posting this: Peter Sinclair, maker of the excellent Climate Crock Of The Week series of videos takes on the potty peer. Essential viewing, especially for the mathematical moves in the middle… And there’s a part two, coming later this week. Can’t wait. Only one complaint: where’s Scrotum?

Hat tip to Deltoid.

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    1. And has been pointed out in other threads, the measured rates of Greenland ice decline mean it would take over ten thousand years to disappear. The only thing the Tuvaluans have to worry about is the decline in remittances from NZ once the ETS puts up power costs from July 1.

  1. He might deserve some ridicule, but doing it simply makes the video amaturish and very bad PR. It's a major lose in the war on winning hearts and minds.

      1. Why it is bad PR:
        – it clearly displays a non-professional attitude
        – it alienates people who may be on the fence regarding AGW
        – people tend to sympathise with those who are ridiculed

        From my POV the ridicule is bad – it does not warm me to rest of the arguments in the video, no matter how good they are. Remove the ridicule, concentrate on the arguments and it would look much better.

        1. Why do you defend Monckton from being ridiculed when he knowingly spreads disinformation and accuses other people of fraud based on his fabricated lies?

          Trying to convince people with the sober bare facts and scientific arguments -as you argue- has been torpedoed by propagandists like Monckton for way to long. To me this video is plainly showing Monckton for what he is. He deserves the ridicule and much more. Exposing those as what they are is long overdue.

          So, instead of being grateful for some of the misinformation in the climate debate to be uncovered, you choose to whine about the tone of this video (even when the evidence justifies it). Even if you would have valid point, it would be long (and only!) after you start complaining to Monckton et al about their threats to sue and claims of (non-existing) fraud first.

          1. "Trying to convince people with the sober bare facts and scientific arguments ".
            Note that the video itself attempts that despite your claim that it is pointless. To make the sober facts more believable, they should have gotten rid of the dross at both ends.

  2. I've posted this before, but since we're on the Monckton thing, here's an historical clip of him a few years back when he had more hair and used an alias, this time pontificating on sea level rise, you'll recognize the argument:

    [youtube d8IBnfkcrsM


  3. That video is a PR disaster for global warming enthusiasts. Attacking someone with those ad-hominems at the start and the end of the video simply makes the producers look like they don't have a decent argument.

    1. Thanks Cadae,
      Obvious when you put it that way. Poor old cookie monster is just misunderstood.
      If only we would be nice to him then he'd stop telling lies.

      Good tone trolling but this is probably the wrong venue. Try Reader's Digest. They have a page for that and will pay you if they use it.

      1. I made no claims as to the veracity of Lord Monckton or this video. I can't see how you came to that conclusion. I'm simply pointing out that the video does AGW absolutely no favours.

        1. I don't know about that, Cadae, you're clearly not on the fence yourself so I for one am not really inclined to accept your advice on how AGW might be better sold.

          Monckton is a joke and should be exposed as one. treating him with the respect one might afford a respectable scientist arguing in good faith would only create the impression that he is worthy of such respect. which he is not.

          1. I look forward to the videos on "Hide the Decline" and also the one where mcIntyre fed random numbers into Mann's short-centering algorithm and got a hockey stick out!

            That should be a bit of a larf!!

            Talk about spreading disinformation. Hehe

            Never mind Cadae. Best to avoid confrontations with these amatuer progragandists. You will never win.

            1. It does seem a wasted effort.

              I'm not trying to confront them, merely point out how they're doing their own cause a disservice by running this kind of propaganda.

            2. monckton will get respect when he conducts himself in a way that warrants it. this video shows exactly why he is deserving of nothing but contempt for his dishonesty.

              and once again, since you clearly believe monckton is right – despite his deliberate misinformation being pointed out to you – why would anyone accept your opinion on how best to highlight his gross wrongness?

            3. I'm not sure why you think a decline in tree growth in high northern latitudes over the last few decades proves your point since said decline was hidden by using actual temperature readings that showed an increase in temperature. please explain.

              despite this having been repeatedly pointed out, the fact that you still cling to it as if it were some kind of smoking gun is evidence that the professional propagandists employed by the deniers have done a better job with you than we amateurs.

            4. "I look forward to the videos on "Hide the Decline" – Alex Brown.

              Huh?, that's an oldie:

              So who do you best represent?, Beavis or Butthead?

        2. well how about you step up and tell us what you think of such veracity? the guy is the source of a large amount of the denialist lather so perhaps you'd like to tell us if you think he's telling the truth?

  4. Verily not. These messages say loud and clear:

    "We are idiots for our emporer hath no clothes. Make fun of the man who speaks in tongues, for this will amuse the peasants whilst the Lords pillage the land "

  5. Verily as great video mocking the Lord who speaks in Tongues!

    I did get a bit lost as to what he actually said that was incorrect, but let us remember this important fact: Empirical evidence is ALWAYS overridden by computer models created by our Lords at IPCC/NASA/CRU. We should be truly grateful to our scientists for their mastery

    What, then, one may ask, as we to do with the "denier". The Lord of Tongues, and his co-conspirator, the Jew Lindzen.

    Perhaps a low Earth Orbit for them, launched from the great entrepreneur Branson, who may jetison them into low Earth orbit .

    This will be amusing for us, but of course a lot more expensive than the gas chamber which would dispatch these ineffectual buffoons from our midst so much quicker.

  6. Q: How do you know when Monckton is dissembling?

    A: His lips move…

    Personally, I loved Peter Sinclair's take on the Potty Peer – narcissists are always vulnerable to ridicule, as hey take themselves so VERY seriously.

  7. It's not hard to send up Monckton, is it? The guy's such an egotist and conman that he lies compulsively, even when the contradictions are obvious and known.

    It's revealing that he remains one of the poster boys of the denialist crowd. Monckton feeds of that credulity, and postures and preens for his gullible admirers.

    Some of the posters above seem to be pleading for some merciful special treatment for the man, as though he is mentally incompetent. You could almost feel sorry for him, but if the True Believers go off him a little, he can always sell vacuum cleaners.

    1. I couldn't believe his use of the parliamentary emblem, so I
      checked Wikipedia's list of sitting lords and sure enough, his name doesn't appear.
      I can't think of any other legitimate reason he might claim for its use.

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