McKibben in Wanaka

mckibben.jpg American environmentalist, writer, educator and founder of Bill McKibben is in New Zealand this month, and will be speaking at Wanaka’s Festival of Colour on Wednesday 29th April. Bill will be on stage for two sessions at the Infinity Crystal Palace, the first of which — at 10-30am on the impacts of global warming — will also feature me: Bill’s covering the big picture, and I’m providing the local colour. It’s an honour to share the stage with Bill, and I’ll be in the audience for his afternoon gig (2-30pm), where he’s going to address how we can deal with the problem. I hope I’ve finished Deep Economy by then…

2 thoughts on “McKibben in Wanaka”

  1. Cool.
    I remember Lake Wanaka fondly: years ago, we did a 3-day horse-trek from there to Arrowtown. Although it was my first time on a horse, it was a great trip, including the first evening, going through the high meadows in moonlight.

  2. I caught McKibben give a lecture at Otago University this evening. He’s a pretty good speaker, and probably right about what’s needed in terms of building a movement to apply political pressure on governments over climate change issues.

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