It isn’t the sun

The recent CERN paper  in Nature on cosmic rays and cloud formation has caused considerable excitement in the denialist world.  Canadian columnist Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post declared “The new findings point to cosmic rays and the sun – not human activities – as the controller of climate on Earth”.  For what the paper really said readers can turn to the welcome and discussion it received on RealClimate. There’s also a useful response to Solomon’s claim on SkepticalScience.

It’s a complex picture, but today I came across this short video which sets it out straightforwardly and with a light touch. (Thanks to The Carbon Brief website.) Put together by Australian science journalist Potholer, it is both an explanation of the science and a picture of how misinterpretations travel in the denialist community.


5 thoughts on “It isn’t the sun”

  1. I liked the way SkS ‘nailed’ this one, too!

    Potholer54’s series of ‘Monckton Debunks‘ is also highly recommended. His whole channel is highly entertaining (Epic Creationist Fails of Our Time #2, for instance, got a hell of a laugh out of me! “Can you imagine that?”)

    With regard to AGW, he appeared to start out presenting himself as more detached from the debate, but dealing with the nonsense of ClimateGate seems to have made him realise that scientists – and science itself – really are in a street fight!

    1. ….and science itself – really are in a street fight!…
      And this is the fight we can not under any circumstances loose to the moronic hordes. Otherwise Mad Max will indeed be mild rendition of the episode of humanity our children and their children will one day live in.
      It was only 1670something that they killed some 20 or so innocent people at the Salem Witch trials…..

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