I wish it could be Christmas every day

It doesn’t seem to matter how long I live down here (and it will be 14 years, in a matter of weeks), I still think the man in the moon’s upside down, and Christmas carols don’t sound right when it’s 27ºC and you’ve just barbecued sausages for a Christmas Eve supper. Nevertheless, Hot Topic will be making determined efforts to be jolly, and if the surgical reconstruction of the turkey I’ve just boned goes to plan, then I’ll be far too stuffed to blog for a day or two. Bryan may have other ideas, but HT is likely to be on skeleton service for a week or so. I’ve got a couple of posts in mind, but Mum’s mince pies (the best in the world, of course) must come first. Compliments of the season to one and all, ignore the ghost of Christmas future for a few weeks, and here’s a little something to warm your heart…

12 thoughts on “I wish it could be Christmas every day”

  1. And these days, when you look up into the night sky it’s filled with GPS satellites flitting across the starry backdrop, leading wise men astray (unless they’ve got an iPhone and Google Maps).

  2. Off topic, but is there ANY peer-reviewed historical research to confirm the existence of one Joshua ben Joseph (whom the Greeks transliterated as “Jesus”)?
    As I understand it, Saul / Paul created Christianity out of whole cloth, importing a variety of cultural myths from earlier times, such as the Egyptian god Horus, and festivals, such as the celebration of the solstice.
    Strange that many denialists trumpet their belief in an imaginary sky-god, then have the temerity to accuse scientists of fabricating evidence!

    The God-bothering conspiracist Ian Wishart comes immediately to mind…

    1. That’s not just off-topic, it’s veered off the road and ploughed through a field to end up nose-down in a ditch.

      Wikipedia on “Christ myth theory”:

      The Christ-Myth theory is essentially without supporters in modern academic circles, biblical scholars and historians being highly dismissive of it, viewing it as pseudo-scholarship,[27] with some going so far as to compare the theory’s advocates with Holocaust deniers, flat-earthers, and people who believe the moon landing was faked.

      Another can of worms to be left unopened on this Boxing Day morning. Please!

  3. Thanks for the link, Gareth. Perhaps you can also provide one that points to physical or historical evidence for the existence of the said “Jesus”?

    My last point still stands, nevertheless; denialists of the Christian fundamentalist type happily embrace legends of events that would defy all known science (“miracles”), yet claim that observations of AGW are mere concoctions for the gullible…

  4. IMHO, Jesus was to Paul as Xenu was to L. Ron Hubbard, and the angel Moroni to Joseph Smith; nothing more than a convenient “argument from authority” for an ambitious huckster.

    Say what you will about Mohammed, at least he was a real person who led his own armies and founded his own religion!

    [That’s enough godheads, please, Rob. Mince pies only from here on… GR]

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