How Climate Change Deniers Sound to Normal People

Something for the weekend: US comedy team Girl Pants Productions with a commentary on denier arguments. John Cook will be particularly pleased with the condom consensus argument…

And a date for the diary of Wellingtonians: next Tuesday Steve Rintoul from CSIRO’s Oceans & Atmosphere Flagship and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre in Hobart will be giving this year’s ST Lee Lecture on The Fate of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Lessons from the Geological Past and How they are Informing Future Predictions at VUW. From the Royal Society alert:

This lecture will review recent progress in understanding the role of the Southern Ocean in the earth’s climate system, how the Southern Ocean is changing, and the consequences of those changes for climate, sea level and the future of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Sounds fascinating. For more info, visit the lecture web page and get in touch today if you’d like to go along.

3 thoughts on “How Climate Change Deniers Sound to Normal People”

  1. Funny, but wouldn’t it be a smarter move to actually present evidence for this man made global warming? What .. you don’t have any?
    Bummer! So, making movies (tax payer funded) is the evidence then?

    Isn’t that called fraud?

    And why don’t you answer Richard Treadgold?

  2. For climate comedy, kiwis don’t have to look far – here is an aspiring new performer on Treadgold’s otherwise moribund blog:

    How does the required new thermal energy get into the surface? YOU GUYS HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING AT ALL IN REGARD TO THE THERMODYNAMICS OF PLANETARY TROPOSPHERES. You need to think in a wholly different paradigm – one which has been explained correctly by only one writer in all of world literature.

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