Exclusive: Flat Earth Society appeal to NZ climate sceptics – join us!

discworld.jpgAs New Zealand’s climate “science” coalition, in the guise of the NZ Climate Science Education Trust gets its day in court in its long running attempt to get the NZ temperature record declared invalid, a mole inside the Flat Earth Society has sent me the text of a letter being handed out to the CSET and its representatives outside the High Court in Auckland this morning. It is self-explanatory…

Updated 10-40am: By the miracle of modern technology, we have an image of the Flat Earthers in action, or perhaps inaction…


An Open Letter and Appeal to Lords Terence Dunleavy and Bryan Leyland of the Climate Science Education Trust.

On this day 16 July in the year 2012 in the Northern Township of Auckland, Middle Earth.

On the Occasion of the Lords’ Good Endeavours to Strike Down the temperature muddlings of the Dark Lords of the National Institution of Water and Atmosphere in the High Court of our Land.

Hear Ye Honourable and Esteemed Lords of Middle Earth.

We of the Flat Earth Society would like to extend to you a hand of friendship and solidarity.

For too long charlatans have used the black magic of peer-reviewed science to hide truthes from the public. They have falsified moon landings, spread the lie of global warming, and most dastardly of all, they say the earth is round! We at the Flat Earth Society have had centuries of experience in dealing with such fabrications.

At last, we have found another, like-minded group of lonely souls such as the Climate Science Education Trust who are bravely fighting the wave of charlatan science.

We, too, have diagrams that explain our cause.


The Flat Earth Society and the Lords of the Climate Science Education Trust share common cause and concern in the threatening face of scientific research.

Like you, we have been downtrodden by an extraordinarily complex conspiracy of governments who have bludgeoned us with their scientific evidence.

We, too, have suffered the Dark Arts of Peer Review — and publication in the Devil’s Papers such as Nature and Science. Like NASA and other institutions before them, petulant rubes like NIWA have falsified records of temperatures around Middle Earth to show that our world is warming.

We are horrified at the recent, similar episodes in the United States of America where there is much talk of temperature records being broken across the States – and it seems the entire Earth has been taken in by this nonsense.

We must also note that there is another large force in the background called Google Earth, that ignores the existence of the Ice Wall and the Great Turtles that support our Earth. We would seek help to combat this Great Travesty of Modernity. Perhaps the pieces of gold that you have found to help your case could be shared with us?

We wish you luck in your endeavours this week.

The letter is signed by Nathaniel Pipe-Blower, Tzar and 33rd degree Grand Wizard Master of the first inverted pancake lodge of the totally awesome Flat Earth Society Ltd

15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Flat Earth Society appeal to NZ climate sceptics – join us!”

  1. At least the Climate Science Education Trust provides some much needed mid winter entertainment while wait for the release of the Hobbit…..

    Perhaps the charitable nature of the CSET will get some attention too….

    1. Warren Meyer at Forbes magazine? Wow Bennydale, what a great find indeed and so original. Who would have thought that a ultra right wing libertarian magazine would print something like that from a source so well paid by the old guard of defenders against reason and science?
      Perhaps the CSET should pay him to testify on their behalf, as he would make good friends with the flat eathers no doubt.

    2. I’ll keep this short, benny, as we wouldn’t want your lips to get sore.

      What Thomas said. What some Libertarian dipstick says in the House Magazine of the 1%*; this is your idea of ‘science’? This is your ‘rebellion against establishment oppression’?

      Yep, and all we’ve got on our side is NASA, NOAA, NIWA, the BoM, the Met Office, CSIRO, and all the world’s Academies of Science. Oh, and, increasingly, the world around us.

      You keep track of what just happened to your mates in the US when they tried to take the EPA to court, incidentally?

      *Which, as far as I know, is still owned by f*in’ Bono! That’s sincerity for you; once you can fake it you’ve got it made…

  2. Totally awesome LOLdenialists!

    “We can haz hot gas; we makez it.”

    You know that a denialist movement has run the gamut when resort to conspiracy theories to ‘explain’ what everyone can see.

    The flat earthers (which apparently still existed at the time) blamed the images of Earth on NASA. I assume the moon landing denialists blames the resolved images of moon landers on India et al. The 9/11 truthers blames foreign national terrorists on US agencies. The creationists blames almost yearly evolution of flu variants, plant hybrids and HIV & cancer drug resistance on the establishment suppressing creationism.

    And the climate science denialists blames the increase in global temperatures with the increase in greenhouse gas emissions – on the establishment covering for the sun (!?).

    [Edit: Reading the context, these ones have taken their strategy straight from the Creationism for Dummies Handbook. They too blame suppression.]

    It is truly comforting that human insanity is a constant factor in society. I would likely have an aneurysm the day a fact denialist group walks into the shadows of history without having a last conflagration in the hell of conspiracies.

  3. The hearing finished a day earlier than expected – perhaps because the Court didn’t recognise the NZCSET “expert witnesses”.

    Can anyone who was at the hearing shed some light on this?

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