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Global warming is a difficult problem for our society to deal with, because our brains are not equipped to cope with this class of danger, argues Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert in this short talk. Well worth 15 minutes of anyone’s time. [Hat tip: Desmogblog]

Part one:
Part two:
Gilbert lends some weight to my suspicion that the global community won’t fully appreciate the seriousness of the issue we confront until there is some sort of climate disaster that can be unequivocally laid at the door of global warming. Or until we give climate change a face… preferably a puppy’s.

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  1. Thanks for that Gareth, well worth watching.

    There’s also a very good Dan Gilbert TED lecture on YouTube about
    Synthetic Happiness, which also ties in with our current predicatment and how we have got here (vis-a-vis the driving of consumer culture).

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