People talking’ #6

I have been remiss about posting open threads: here’s a new one for 2012 — a place for the interested to discourse upon weighty matters, or for the weighty to discourse about interesting matters. Or indeed the weather in Amsterdam, where my daughter is looking forward to skating on the canals. In any event, keep it polite…

Riddle-me-ree/open thread

We haven’t had an open thread for a while, and as there seems to be some desire to discuss Matt Ridley‘s recent lecture at the RSA in Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill for the first appearance thereof), here’s your chance. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff around — feel free to roam. But first, I’d like to offer some observations on Ridley, his lecture and the response from the usual suspects.

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People talkin #5

Time for another open thread — the place to witter on about climate change science, policy and politics, or the sounds of seals in the night. Off topic comments from other threads will be moved here.

People talkin’ #4

Here’s the latest open thread — the place to explore the outer limits of climate change science, policy and politics, without fear of being declared off topic or other heinous sins. Have at it…

People talkin’ #3

Here’s another open thread — your chance to expatiate, expound and expand on the climate-related topics of the day, whatever they may be, without risk of being declared off topic or otherwise out of place.