People Talkin’ #9

Because the commenter known as “bill” is too lazy to dig up the last open thread, here’s a new one. There’s plenty to talk about (but there’s a post on extreme weather on its way, so hold fire on that) — including an interesting and developing stoush between George Monbiot, who thinks that growing extraction of unconventional oil and gas mean that peak oil’s no longer a threat, and others, who remain concerned. Why it’s complicated? Google EROEI.

People talkin’ #8

It’s been a long time, as the man sang, since the last open thread, and as a few comment threads have been wandering a long way off topic, here’s a new opportunity to discuss matters of current concern and/or controversy in climate science, politics and policy. There’s a lot to talk about in the run up to Rio…

People talkin’ #7

The last open thread is now well over 500 comments, and the threading/nesting of replies has long since got its knickers in a twist, so here’s a new thread for March — and this time I’ll try not to fsck it up. Usual rules apply, and I’ll issue another plea to keep the discussion polite.

People talking’ #6

I have been remiss about posting open threads: here’s a new one for 2012 — a place for the interested to discourse upon weighty matters, or for the weighty to discourse about interesting matters. Or indeed the weather in Amsterdam, where my daughter is looking forward to skating on the canals. In any event, keep it polite…

Riddle-me-ree/open thread

We haven’t had an open thread for a while, and as there seems to be some desire to discuss Matt Ridley‘s recent lecture at the RSA in Edinburgh (see Bishop Hill for the first appearance thereof), here’s your chance. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff around — feel free to roam. But first, I’d like to offer some observations on Ridley, his lecture and the response from the usual suspects.

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