The ineluctable etiquette of international diplomacy

Pre Cancún:

Post Cancún:

Hat tip to Eli for alerting me to the first image, thanks to Marc Roberts for both…

35 thoughts on “The ineluctable etiquette of international diplomacy”

  1. Well, here we go again with this “Fire” crap. Don’t you Alarmists know that “fire” has been discredited?

    * there IS NO FIRE
    * fires have occurred in the past
    * it’s not a man-made fire
    * fire creates JOBS!
    * fighting fire costs too much
    * the neighbors don’t seem to mind the fire
    * explain why other houses are on fire!
    * YOU are on fire; I AM fine

    So much for this “Fire” religion. Morons!

      1. Amazing so much internal contradiction in one little comment.

        There is no fire yet a the same time it creates jobs. How does that work

        It is not man made yet it creates jobs. Huh

        And you calll us morons. Go figure

    1. Two Polish physicists (Heimlich and Manoeuvre) have recently convincingly demonstrated that “runaway oxidation”, sometimes called “fire” is a physical impossibility, prevented by the second law of thermodynamics. The heat and smoke in the kitchen is an entirely natural process which will approach equilibrium long before it burns the house down…

      1. Galloleo was sent to the Gallows for his sun-centric Heresy. I’m no scientist, but i have calculated that 1.21 GiggleWatts of Insultation hits the Earth every picosecond. By comparison, a house fire produces 6.02×10^23 less heat. Get it now? IT’S THE SUN!

        1. Galloleo was probably a poor sucker that had his gallstones removed by the torturing inquisitors I would think while his close namesake “Galileo”, the one with the telescope, survived (just)…
          The one they burned for his (scientifically correct and far reaching views) was Giordano Bruno, who thought Galileo’s theory to its natural conclusion (stars are suns with planets around them and perhaps people there… ) which was too much indeed for the papal bullies….

          After reading Oreskes book I feel like having a little inquisition panel myself, grilling Singer, Seitz and co for their grand treason and misdemeanors against science and the prospect of a hospitable planet 2100…. 🙂

            1. Technically I don’t believe it was hacked, it was redistributed by a recipient from inside the Fox empire. This may be important as there’s some bizarre ‘climategate equivalence’ meme doing the rounds.

    1. I got it: Lets shrink wrap Lamb’s sheep and Mooh’s cows. This will retain their methane flatulence and keep them warm in winter. In summer it would pre-cook the meat, saving on bbq charcoal too!

          1. Well, Lamb Chop is the most famous Sock Puppet in the World… a very appropriate song for the Climate Cranks that post the same tired memes here over and over. Maybe this can be their song!

  2. And the king really did have cloths on you know. And the earth really is flat.
    And shuffling the chairs on the decks of the Titanic would have averted the disaster. Its all a matter of perception you see (or not).

    Non so blind than those who do not wish to see.

    So Waikato farmer, man of the land so in touch with nature, tell me greenhouse gasses are good for your sheep when they are eating dirt after a couple of months on drought.
    As for artful dodger your comments are more akin to a Shakespearean tragedy than your pseudonym would suggest.

    1. Actually Lamb Chop said green house grasses, not gases. When I worked at Ruakura Research Station I looked after green house grasses. I weeded them with tweezers. Gases would have been more interesting.

        1. Great! This could be HT’s theme song! Gareth could put it up on the home page.

          While we have (so far) avoided the “incandescent glow” of the nuclear annihilation Lehrer sang about, we will struggle to avoid the slow boiler of AGW, like the frog in the pot over the fire, as we bask “all together as we go” under the “infrared glow” from our self made CO2 warming blanket….

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