The great climate voter debate

Last week’s Great Climate Voter Debate is a must view for anyone wanting to understand NZ’s mainstream political parties stance on policies to address carbon emissions and climate change. Moderated by TV3’s Samantha Hayes, the debate features climate change minister Tim Groser, Labour’s deputy leader David Parker, Greens co-leader Russel Norman, NZ First’s deputy leader Tracey Martin, John Minto from Internet-Mana and Nancy Tuaine from the Maori Party. The ACT Party and Conservatives couldn’t be bothered to send representatives — no surprises there.

It’s an excellent discussion, covering all the bases. Every NZ voter should take the time — only two hours — to watch it through.

6 thoughts on “The great climate voter debate”

  1. Interesting that David Parker (at around 1:08) didn’t accept that all the so-called subsidies for fossil fuels were actually subsidies that the “moderator” asserted.

    This is a point that I have made on several occasions

    1. And do we know which are which? If some of that 45 million is not subsidy then we need to know what is and get rid of that for a start.

      The point was that there is not a level playing field with respect to generation costs and that is true, quite apart from the other subsidy: the cost of carbon paid by those currently and in future harmed by the consequences of excess carbon in the atmosphere!!!

        1. I wonder how many of the panel will actually have jobs in 2 weeks time?

          Even David Parker (one of the more sensible of the lineup IMO) is potentially facing the chop if labour fail to get any list seats at all

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