The fraud of endangered cranks

HomerThe NZ Climate “Science” Coalition updates its web site with a shiny new look, and new articles from David Bellamy and Vincent Gray. Dr Gray’s NZ Climate & Enviro Truth Newsletter #150 isn’t very interesting, being mainly devoted to one of his perennial hobbyhorses – the IPCC and prediction versus projection – but it does give him the chance to vent some anti-environmentalist spleen:

“Biodiversity” is another environmentalist absurdity. It seeks to claim that there is some sort of moral superiority in actual numbers of species present in an ecosystem…
…Then we have the fraud of “endangered” species. There is no record of any one of them ever becoming actually extinct. I tried asking Google for a list of organisms that had recently become extinct. The number was very small, about the same as for the past 400 years.

Breathtaking stuff. Meanwhile, the whiskery botanist indulges in a few favourite sceptic tropes, before ending on a clearly heartfelt plea

New Zealand leads the world in the eradication of feral plants and animals making restoration of the natural ecosystems that kept the biosphere in balance long before the IPCC was invented. Habitat destruction and the loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest threats to climate and landscape stability. I beg your government to continue to lead the world in this sustainable endeavour.

Bellamy manages to use all the words Gray hates in a couple of sentences. Clearly climate crankdom is a broad church…

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