The conference, or two days in Palmerston North

A busy couple of days lie ahead for your Hot Topic blogger — he’s packing a bag and heading off to Palmerston North in the morning for the New Zealand Climate Change Conference 2013. I’ll be arriving too late to hear Professor Dave Frame’s keynote on where we’re at, but I’ll be catching up with Dave later to find out — and if all goes well, posting the audio of our chat to HT. If my flight’s on time, I’ll be at Jim Renwick’s talk on Antarctic sea ice, the Southern Annular Mode, and the future of the ozone hole, and then staying in the same room to hear Suzanne Rosier from NIWA talking about an Australia/New Zealand version of the weather@home distributed computing project, put together by Oxford and Melbourne Universities and NIWA and due to launch later this year.

It’s a packed programme, with a lot of very interesting work being presented. I’m going to have a hard time working out which talks to catch, but I am certain to meet up with more than a few HT readers, and may even buy one or two a drink (if they can catch me at the bar). Look for posts and tweets as the conference unfolds…

[Nitin Sawhney]

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