TDB Today: Getting out the climate vote

In this week’s article at The Daily BlogGetting Out The Climate Vote — I take a look at the first batch of responses to the Climate Voter question of the week: President Obama calls climate change one of the most significant challenges we face, requiring urgent action by all governments. Do you agree?. No prizes for guessing who laughs in the face of civilisational suicide…

6 thoughts on “TDB Today: Getting out the climate vote”

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  2. Since u see yourself as a latter day Goring I will leave you to your narrow little world and find some adults to converse with.

    1. You should try – it has a number of denier trolls you’d feel more at home with – though those actually interested in science occasionally shred their “arguments” as a change from ignoring them … and learn to spell names correctly while you’re at it.

    2. Surprise, surprise… 😉

      Nice place, Goring. Not too far from my alma mater, and with a nice line in plans for hydro-electric generation from the flow of the Thames.

      1. Reading Uni?!
        After living as a student there, little wonder you sped of the the far side of the world – Wife tells me off if I call it the antipodes.

        1. I don’t think anyone here in the antipodes particularly cares if you call it the antipodes! Though technically, of course, I can maintain that actually you’re in the antipodes…

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