Zombie ETS infects RMA with climate insanity

Simon Johnson/aka Mr February argues that the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme has become living-dead “zombie” legislation that infects other statutes with its own virulent climate change insanity. The example is a recent decision by the Environment Court that it can’t consider climate change impacts of coal mining as described by James Hansen in the Forest and Bird appeal of the resource consents for the opencast ‘Escarpment’ coal mine.

The other week I watched the zombie genre film 28 Weeks Later. The turning point in the film came when British actor Robert Carlyle kissed his wife and was instantly infected with the ‘Rage Virus’, which of course meant he had to turn into a homicidal-virus spreading-living-dead zombie who would then infect the rest of the surviving population of post-Rage Virus London. A great zombie movie moment!

For me, another much less amusing zombie moment, was last week’s news from TVNZ, Radio NZ, the Otago Daily Times, and the Dominion Post, that the Environment Court had declared that climate change effects from coal mining will not be considered in Forest and Bird’s appeal of the consents granted for the Escarpment Mine Project, an opencast coal mine on the ecologically sensitive Denniston Plateau.

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The five scariest things about climate change

Hank Green of the SciShow1 gives his take on the scariest things happening (or that could happen) because of climate change. Hank’s most frightened by the potential for a complete shutdown of the oceanic thermohaline circulation, which would be almost unimaginably nasty2, but there’s plenty to think about in his list — even if you disagree with it.

[Special bonus: Nancy Sinatra.]

  1. An interesting take on science communication: hat tip to Emma for pointing me at it. []
  2. If you want more info, have a read of Peter Ward’s Under A Green Sky []