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Potty peer Christopher Monckton has stepped up his campaign to shut down John Abraham’s debunking of one of his talks last year, by asking supporters to flood Abraham’s university with emails demanding it start a disciplinary inquiry. George Monbiot points out the obvious irony in the Guardian today:

Reading these ravings, I’m struck by two thoughts. The first is how frequently climate change deniers resort to demands for censorship or threats of litigation to try to shut down criticism of their views. Martin Durkin has done it, Richard North has done it, Monckton has done it many times before. They claim to want a debate, but as soon as it turns against them they try to stifle it by intimidating their opponents. To me it suggests that these people can give it out, but they can’t take it.

Monckton has since posted at Watts Up WIth That, including this appeal for support:

May I ask your kind readers once more for their help? Would as many of you as possible do what some of you have already been good enough to do? Please contact Father Dennis J. Dease, President of St. Thomas University, and invite him “even at this eleventh hour” to take down Abraham’s talk altogether from the University’s servers, and to instigate a disciplinary inquiry into the Professor’s unprofessional conduct, particularly in the matter of his lies to third parties about what I had said in my talk at Bethel University eight months ago? That would be a real help. [My emphasis, Dease email removed]

In other words, please help me to bully Abraham and the University into caving in to my absurd demands, and take Abraham’s presentation off the web.

In my view, it’s time to stand up to the potty peer’s attempts at intimidation of Abraham and his University. Rather than flood them with email, I propose that anyone who supports the statement below leave a comment with their name, location and academic affiliation (if any). You will need to leave an email, but that will not be published. I will enforce strict moderation. If you want to support Monckton, go elsewhere. I will ensure that Abraham and the university are aware of the thread. Please leave a comment and encourage as many people as possible to join in.

We the undersigned offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton’s misrepresentation of the science of climate, and we applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

[Update 17/7: Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far — keep them coming! And thanks to all the bloggers and tweeters who have spread the word — Hot Topic’s been seeing record traffic, and this post has been speeding up the chart of our popular posts to number two (with a bullet). John has been reading your comments, and I know appreciates the tremendous support you’ve given him. Dan Moutal of Mind Of Dan has started a Facebook group: Prawngate: Support John Abraham against Monckton’s bullying, so if you’re active on Facebook join and get the word out.]

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  1. If one is to be judged by the enemies one keeps, then Dr. Abraham has done very well indeed. Monckton is one of the most arrogant and unpleasant voices on the side of anti-science. Every morning, I thank God he is not on our side.

    Dr. Abraham’s debunking of Monckton’s rubbish is grounded quite firmly in science. No wonder Monckton doesn’t understand it.

  2. Thank you Dr. Abraham for standing up for science. I hope St. Thomas University is not going to be intimidated by Monckton and his fellow conspiracy nuts.

  3. Abraham’s rebuttal of Monckton is based in science and on scientific argument. For Monckton to appeal to the university as if misconduct is involved is grotesquely misguided, and continues the process of degrading the scientific search for truth. Any institution with any regard for science should and will reject it soundly.

  4. This is basically a Stalinist-style attack on science. This sort of bullying, and organising the troops to attack, should not be succumbed to.

    Even for the sake of an ego like Mocktons. Surely Abraham’s calm and objective science has to be defended

    Ken Perrott
    Hamilton, New Zealand.

  5. I offer my support to Dr Abraham and St Thomas University and encourage them to stand firm against the aggressive and intimidating anti-science voices that would turn us from the age of enlightenment and reason back return us to the dark ages of dogma and superstition.

  6. Thank you Dr. Abraham, and St Thomas University, for standing up for science. The attempt to force Dr. Abraham’s careful, and entirely accurate work, offline, is nothing but bullying in the absence of reasoned argument by Monckton, who has form in this respect.

  7. Without a doubt, I offer my support of John Abraham.
    Monckton does nothing but provide a case for anti-science when he takes these steps in light of his arguments being unable stand up to the rigour of proper scientific reasoning.
    Timothy Lubcke
    Technical Scientific Officer, Ozflux

  8. Thank you Professor for standing up for science against Christopher Monckton. The administrators at your university should be extremely proud of you.

  9. A big thank you to John Abraham for putting together such an effective and professional debunking of Christopher Monckton. His college should be proud to have him as a staff member.

    Should Monckton sue, I will provide some financial support for his defence.

    Andy Skuce, BC, Canada

  10. In my opinion, universities have a moral duty to support the efforts of their staff in countering misinformation and distortion. Institutions of higher learning and research, more than any other group or organisation, must stand up to attempts at intimidation and bullying from those who are systematically working against the good of society.

    Jennie Louise
    University of Adelaide, South Australia

  11. For far too long academics have sat on their hands and let the deniers have their way. Thank goodness that people like Dr. John Abraham has the courage to offer valid and accurate rebuttal to their nonsense. I trust that his University will give their full support to him for his actions.

    Ian Forrester

  12. What Michael Tobis said in #8.

    FYI for those unfamilar with the distinctions, the type of legal action Monckton threatens is a near-impossibility in the U.S. His only hope is if Abraham’s University president decides he would rather not endure email harrassment over such an issue.

    Steve Bloom
    Oakland, California

  13. Gareth, if possible you should try to get this exercise repeated on higher-traffic blogs, e.g. Climate Progress, Deltoid and Pharyngula.

  14. Kevin Judd
    University of Western Australia

    I learnt as school boy that when bullies are loosing an argument they resort to threats of violence. I don’t see this as being very different.

  15. Ian Smith
    The University Of Melbourne
    Melbourne, Australia

    Climate science should be done by climate scientists, not those with the biggest mouths.

  16. I fully support the decision of Temple University to leave both versions of the Abraham critique available. Professor Abraham’s criticism on the Monckton talk was through and took a large amount of research to prepare and as such is one of the best take-downs of this well known prevaricator I have seen. As such he and your University have performed a necessary public service. Keep up the good work.

  17. Monckton’s latest actions amount to nothing more than intellectual thuggery and should be challenged by everyone who values science and the quest to understand the Earth System.

    I support John Abraham enthusiastically and without reservation.

    Lou Grinzo
    Rochester, NY

  18. I also would like offer my thanks and support to John Abraham for creating his presentation, and his University for making it available. This attempted intimidation by Christopher Monckton shows that he is not only anti-science, but anti free speech.

    Andrew Brown
    Melbourne, Australia

  19. There is nothing behind Monckton’s position. John Abraham is doing excellent work, and we support him 100%. Any respectable university would do likewise.

    Alexander Suen
    Mississauga, ON

  20. Monckton has an almost pathological pattern of harrassing those who criticize him, rather than engaging in intellectual discussion. This solicitation of, for lack of a better word, thugs is typical of his attempts at bullying his betters an can be likened to censorship.

    I unconditionally support John Abraham.

    Brian Dupuis
    University of Alberta, Canada

  21. Marquette, Michigan, USA

    Monckton’s on a par with the 3 Stooges, Benny Hill and the worst of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Suitable only for comic relief. The real travesty is that our Congress considered him an authority on things climate. But all in all, considering our Congress, par for their course.

    I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed Professor Abraham’s rigorous demolition of Monckton. Devastation this thorough usually requires a device in the megaton range. 🙂 The good Professor’s toils and labors will not soon be forgotten by this Yooper.

    For a final wish, let Monckton skulk back to the dark recesses whence he came, ne’er to be seen again…so the climate guys can get back to their business of research and educating the public (I have learned much from them over the years)!

    One denialista zombie down. Let’s get the rest.

    Daniel Bailey
    AKA the Yooper

  22. John Abraham has always displayed outstanding professionalism, and has my full support. Christopher Moncton’s attempts to remove Prof. Abraham’s presentation are completely unfounded.

    Megan Evans
    University of Queensland, Australia

  23. Monckton is the liar! John Abraham is an honorable and much needed participant in the effort to bring the truth to the world about Monckton and the fossil-fuel industry that pays Monckton to spread his lies and nonsense.

    John Abraham’s slide presentation is so needed right now.

    Please do not censor John Abraham.

    Tenney Naumer, MBA, MAcc. (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale), ex-CPa

  24. John Abraham’s work is a vital rebuttal of the misinformation present in Monckton’s arguments. When Monckton responded with personal attacks, Abraham was respectful and professional in his response, devoting his arguments to purely scientific topics. His conduct has been exemplary.

    John Cook
    Brisbane, Australia

  25. I’ve witnessed Monckton in person, and interacted with him. Reason seems to escape him in favor of his ego. He has no serious education in science, he has consistently corrupted science in all of his arguments, he consistently manipulates graphs and charts to make them look like they represent things that they don’t, yet there are people who still take him seriously. As of the last year, he’s made the most inflammatory statements publicly ever, calling students Nazis. He still insists that lead and DDT and lots of other things are safe for human ingestion, despite scientific findings. He needs to just disappear from people’s radar, because nothing he says is based in fact.

  26. just leaving a comment to support Mr. Abraham. I don’t really have anything substantial to add to the conversation but it does trouble me that the “global warming dissidents” resort to tactics like this, which just affirms my belief that many of them do not really care about freedom of speech, they just want to talk louder than everyone else (even when they complain that their speech is being “repressed” because no one takes them seriously)…

  27. Thank you John Abraham for your excellent rebuttal of a disgraceful mischaracterization of climate change science. Thank you for the presentation. I only wish you could give it on the prime time news worldwide to expose the denial and deceit of Moncton and company. How is it that such persons do not go to jail for their subversion of science and can continue to disparage the scientific community?!?!

  28. Geoff Rait
    Ph.D. (Geology)
    Calgary, AB, Canada

    The more publicity this generates for *both* Abraham and Monckton the better. The contrasts between the writings of the two couldn’t be more stark, and it takes no scientific expertise to appreciate that Monckton has none.

  29. I’m a philosopher of science and Past President of the Canadian Philosophical Association. Dr. Abraham has produced a patient, professional and fair critique of Christopher Monckton’s claims regarding climate science and global climate change– a great public service and a significant contribution to public discussion of global warming. I recently cited Dr. Abraham’s presentation in my Presidential address to our annual meetings on the topic of denialism. It would be a terrible shame if pressure from allies of Monckton were to persuade the University of St. Thomas to remove Dr. Abraham’s presentation from its web site, and it would be a complete disgrace were University to bow to pressure and ‘investigate’ Dr. Abraham’s completely impeccable behaviour in this matter: I hope and presume that neither of these actions will be seriously considered by the University.

  30. Unreserved support. We can’t burn books anymore, even Monckton has a right to his myopic views but they must be allowed to be rebutted.

    As a Business Analyst I look at numbers all the time and to extend a phrase there are lies, damn lies, statistics and Monckton.

    Good luck and thanks for your work John.

  31. I fully support the statement urging St. Thomas University not to suppress the excellent work by John Abraham. When academics can no longer publish meaningful discussion of scientific subjects, they are then the victims of exactly the kind of suppression of free speech that climate change deniers claim they are themselves victim.

    This attempt to frighten a scientist and the institution he works for is absolutely disgraceful, and a clear measure of the type of person making such threats.

    Graham Wayne

  32. I am a science teacher.

    I fully support the University and Professor Abraham in holding the ground against scientific misinformation and wilful distortion.

    Peter Flynn
    South Australia

  33. Abraham and the University stand for enlightening others to enable all people to understand our planet and how to continue to live with it. Monckton stands for self aggrandisement and self promotion to earn money by being confrontationist and “news”worthy. His attack on Abraham and his attempt to coerce the President of the University only confirm his lack of ethics and morals. Abraham is to be congratulated on being an exemplar of scientific rigor and probity.

  34. Andy Russell, University of Manchester, UK.

    One of Monkton’s first points in his document aimed at Abraham was to question his understanding of the traditions of academe (or some similar nonsense) – to then go on to try and bully Abraham and imply legal action is hypocrital and misguided.

  35. Whoever does not realize that this is a POLITICAL dispute and NOT a scientific one is either stupid or crooked. The exchanges are slowly but surely becoming disgusting.

    Can anyone disclose who is financing this “skeptical” website?

  36. Well done John Abraham. Lies persist when intelligent men say nothing.

    May St Thomas University continue to host this important source of facts in the charade that now passes for Climate Change debate.

  37. Lennert Veerman MD MPH PhD (public health)
    The University of Queensland

    Monckton cannot be taken seriously, but regrettably too many people do. Antivenom such as that by Dr Abraham is essential if science and reason are to prevail in the debate on climate change.

  38. It would be a travesty if the “media tart”, “Lord” Christopher Monckton were to affect the shutdown of a serious, scientific based dismemberment of Monckton’s flawed arguments…we need more John Abrahams in this critical global debate that is so skewed by emotive rubbish from the “anti science” brigade.

    Sadly the general public are more likely to respond positively to Monckton’s ravings as it is less scary and far less challenging than understanding the nuances of the issue.

  39. I fully support Profesor Abraham. This type of bullying by Monckton is contemptable

    Glenn Tamblyn, Batchelor of Mech Engineering
    Victoria, Australia

  40. I fully support the St. Thomas University and Professor Abraham.
    The University should take no notice of those people who are trying to censor Prof Abraham.
    His response to a quite insulting diatribe from Monckton was very professional and reflected well on him and the University.

  41. Brendan Hutching
    New Zealand

    Full support for Professor Abraham. No need to dignify Monckton’s Gish gallop with a response.

  42. Stephen Latham, MSc. Zoology, UBC, 2002.
    I would like to acknowledge the good work that John Abraham has done in exposing the disingenuous efforts of Monckton; I would also like to suggest that a university being bullied by a liar should publicly stand against the bully in support of academic freedom and freedom of speech of its faculty.

  43. John Brookes, BSc (Hons) Physics, UWA 1980.

    I just watched John Abraham’s presentation. It was well balanced, and limited itself to addressing Monckton’s arguments. If it made Monckton look stupid or disingenuous, that is a reflection on Monckton. I know you will ignore any pressure from followers of Monckton.

  44. The fact that anyone can take Monckton seriously is a mystery. He would be purely an object of amusement if it wasn’t for the deeply malicious streak that is evident in his bizarre attacks on John Abraham.

    Michael Ashley (Professor, School of Physics, University of New South Wales)

  45. I watched Dr Abrahams ppt presentation; he is to be congratulated on taking such a scholarly approach to the subject and avoiding personal invective (note to Hot Topic – I don’t think references to the ‘potty peer’ are helpful here, whatever you may think of Monckton).

    Prof Dorothy Bishop
    Dept Experimental Psychology
    University of Oxford, UK.

  46. I wholehearted support Professor John Abraham and his defence of the science.

    As John Abraham and others have demonstrated repeatedly, Monckton has everything to fear from close scrutiny of his claims.

    It’s obvious why Monckton is attempting to censor the truth.

    Christopher Sauvarin
    United Kingdom

  47. We need the science to be leading the climate change discussions. Well done Abraham for the science based rebuttal of Monckton; well done to the university for having the courage and the conviction to leave the presentation up.

  48. I support John Abraham, St Thomas University and science without censorship and free of “confirmation bias”

    KerrieAnne Christian

  49. I wholeheartedly endorse this statement of support for Prof. Abraham. The issue of climate change and the need to debunk Monckton’s nonsense are of great importance.

    I urge St. Thomas University not to cave in to efforts to suppress academic freedom by Monckton and his canvassed puppets from the fringes of denialism.

  50. If you can’t argue, try to intimidate and shout out.
    I support Science as represented by Dr Abraham.

    William Nyden
    Volunteer, Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Mountain View, California

    My opinions are my own, and do not necessarily represent those of the MBA.

  51. Monckton is a fraud and a charlatan, and his pathetic attempts to silence those would carefully and correctly expose him should be rejected with the contempt they (and he) deserves.

    J Wood, PhD candidate, Murdoch University, Western Australia

  52. John Abraham is performing a valuable service by exposing Monckton’s lies distortions and cherry picking in a clear and scientific manner. The bluster and personal attacks from Monckton in response are in character, and further expose Monckton to ridicule.

    Adrian Cockcroft
    California USA
    (BSc Applied Physics, London)

  53. I wish to add my support to the impressive effort of John Abraham to add rationality and integrity to the climate change debate. Voices such as Lord Monckton’s are loud and influential. When the loud voices misrepresent science, it is entirely appropriate to identify the misrepresentation. John Abraham’s presentation was a clear and balanced critique of Lord Monckton’s arguments. I commend the courage and integrity of both Professor Abraham and St. Thomas University for posting Abraham’s presentation.
    Richard M. Arnold, Littleton, Colorado

  54. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Monckton’s bizarre bafflegab reveals a complete lack of substantive response. Keep Digging your Lordship, and thanks to Abraham for providing the shovel.

    One effect of this affair had been – it caused me to watch Abraham’s presentation in full, there is nothing there remotely libellous.

    I have coined the term WattSpam for the deluge of mail that the University will now be receiving, however Abraham’s presentation MUST remain available to the general public, as an extraordinarily good educational resource.

  55. I am in full support of Professor Abraham and hope the University stands behind his transparent and professional rebuttal of Christopher Monckton.

    Curtin University,
    Perth, Australia.

  56. I support Professor John Abraham’s courageous stand for science and free speech. Efforts to censor Professor Abraham by threats and intimidation must be firmly resisted.

    Toby Joyce
    Navan, Ireland

    (PhD candidate, Trinity College, Dublin)

  57. Prof Abraham’s rebuttal to the Monckton lecture was base on the science and devastatingly thorough. More presentations like John Abraham’s are vital if the non-scientific community is to understand the issues at stake. Professionalism like this reflects well not only on an excellent teacher, but on his employer, St Thomas University. I trust they will not be intimidated by Monckton’s bluster.

    Nancy E M Bailey, BA, MLitt

  58. Prof. John Abraham did his duty as an academic researcher to search for the truth. His work is commendable and should be highlighted as a shining example for all students to follow – be open to receive the truth from anyone, but always, cut, scrape and examine every fact presented to you and search for the truth yourselves. Dr. Abraham showed how anyone can do that with the application of a brain that we are all endowed with, by sifting through the evidence that is all around us and where necessary, by seeking clarifications from the authors who were cited in the original work. Far from being taken down from the St. Thomas University web site, I would recommend that his presentation be prominently highlighted.

    Sailesh Rao, Ph. D., Stanford University, California.

    PS: Please remove all derogatory references to Chris Monckton in the text above. It does a disservice to Prof. Abraham’s exemplary professionalism.

  59. Prof Abraham’s rebuttal to the Monckton lecture was based on the science and devastatingly thorough. More presentations like John Abraham’s are vital if the non-scientific community is to understand the issues at stake. This professionalism reflects well not only on an excellent teacher, but on his employer, St Thomas University. I trust they will not be intimidated by Monckton’s bluster.

    Nancy E M Bailey, BA, MLitt

  60. Monckton misleads his fellow man with arguments from the most selfish side of’ human endeavor. Exposed to the light he can’t outshine his opponent’s debunking his nonsense but only seeks to endarken us all by suppressing the truth. Dr. Abraham should be supported by the University for exposing Monckton for the duplicitous tool he is.

  61. MA Chemical Engineering
    MSc Energy Conservation
    PhD Architectural Physics

    John Abraham is to be congratulated on his careful, rigorous and respectful critique of the unscientific hotchpotch presented by Mr Monckton. Mr Monckton’s present attempt to force censorship of it is merely a sign of his real attitude to academic freedom. If Monckton had a real case he would welcome open debate – instead he demands to be the only voice to be heard. Under no circumstances should you allow this hectoring bully to prevail. Please stand firm in your support for John Abraham.

  62. Wim Prange, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

    Prof. Abrahams, keep up the good work. Your rebuttal was excellent, factual, and to the point.
    And Father Dennis J. Dease, I hope you recognize what a bully Christopher Monckton has become.

    Silencing scientists? Really?

  63. Nick Barnes
    Clear Climate Code project and Open Climate Code project
    London, UK

    Abraham’s rebuttals of Monckton’s presentation are good work, and are not libellous. In the interests of academic freedom, freedom of speech, public information, and – maybe not least – standing up to bullies, St Thomas University should continue to support his work and to host his rebuttals on its website.

  64. Monckton deserves to be clearly shown for what he is – and it is not a pretty sight. Thanks for taking the time to rebut his deceptions and misrepresentations. The guy is outrageous.

    The more that science stands up to these guys and takes them on in public the better. I would love to see him step out of line enough to be taken on in a libel court and for it to be a very public case.

  65. John Abraham is to be commended for taking on such a task. Well done him, and the university for resisting such bullying.

    Barry Phease
    Wellington, NZ

  66. I have every confidence that any educational institute would base their decisions on the facts so, in this case, I am confident that St. Thomas University (having regard to the scientific facts and rational arguments laid out by Professor Abraham) will ignore the calls for censorship from lynch-mob campaigns initiated by those who are more interested in propaganda and pseudo-science.

  67. Professor Abraham has done a steling job in confronting the claims of Monkton. The vociferousness of the attacks on Abraham & his University stand as testament to this fact. I urge tham both to stand firm against these groundless accusations.

  68. Cologne, Germany.

    It is unconscionable how much harm Lard Mockton is doing to science and specifically climate science studies. His role as a darling of the denialist movement clearly has financial gains for him, so he has every incentive to fog the issue by any means. Let us not forget that this fine fellow once advocated for all HIV infected persons, these undesirables be forcibly removed from society and quarantined on an island. Not all that different from a certain groups Madagascar plan

  69. Mr Monckton’s unerstanding of libel law appears to be almost as weak as his grasp of science. If you author a piece that represents something as other than what it is, then you have misrepresented it. If you make something up, then you can be said to have fabricated it. Nothing in John Abraham’s piece would be regarded as libellous in any Anglo-Saxon court, even if it were scientifically incorrect. It would all be regarded as fair comment. That includes the expression ‘sleight of hand’.
    Mr Monckton’s threats are a blatant attempt to intimidate

  70. Lee Russell
    Worcester, UK

    It is vitally important that this rebuttal remain in place. I now have a source of information to show the Monckton Massive what a lot of A***wash he spouts!

  71. I fully support Prof John Abraham, and urge the Congress of the United States to conduct an inquiry into the funding, sponsors, methods, lies, libelous allegations and threats, veiled or otherwise, by these so-called skeptics.

  72. No academic affiliation, just an environmental consultant concerned about climate change.

    Personally, I found John Abraham’s video to be quite illuminating, with well-documented evidence as to why the story expounded by Mr Monckton was factually incorrect.

  73. It’s troubling that so often blatant lies and distortions are accepted by the Main Stream Media without any hint of challenge or remorse. Hopefully the Climategate nonsense will galvanise the scientific community to fight back. John Abraham is a hero.

    Ian O
    Christchurch, NZ

  74. Professor Abraham did an excellent job in detailing the errors in Monckton’s presentations. It is preposterous to think that correcting scientific errors should be libelous.

    Thomas Huld
    M.Eng., electrical engineering
    Ph.D., plasma physics
    Ispra, Italy

  75. I think most have said it all ready. You don’t have scientific debate via lawyers. I think Johns presentation is appropriate given that Monckton has failed to produce any formal research.


  76. Sydney, Australia

    The contrarians asked for a scientific debate. Now they have one, and they’re clamouring to shut it down (in the most ignorant and pompous manner possible if the copied emails at WUWT are any guide). I congratulate St Thomas University and Professor Abraham for standing up to the anti-science brigade. Please ride out this orchestrated email storm in the name of good sense and good science.

  77. St. Thomas University, please keep Prof. John Abraham’s excellent presentation on your website. Its popularity is an encouraging sign that science can fight back against disinformation.

    London, UK

  78. I agree wholeheartedly. Bravo A/Prof Abraham.
    Richard Lawrence MBBS (Syd), PhD (Syd) FRACP
    Conjoint Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Newcastle University

  79. Full support to John Abraham for pointing out and displaying errors, misinterpretations, misleading and non-balanced information in Monckton’s presentation.

    Helge Drange
    Prof in oceanography
    University of Bergen

  80. IT Systems Architect, Science interested and literate.

    Full support to John Abraham not only should his presentation be retained it should be advertised and distributed widely.

  81. Randy Ross, Canandaigua, NY

    Monckton is a fool and a liar. He makes up facts as he goes and he argues science by intimidation.

    I completely support John Abraham, and urge St. Thomas Univ. to completely ignore Monckton.

  82. John Abraham has my complete support in his quest to unmask deceit and outright lies in the climate change debate. Science needs to be defended against the threat of litigation – truth cannot be silenced.

  83. PhD Candidate
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette, Indiana

    Bringing threats of libel into a scientific discussion – Monckton is the antithesis of science. Prof. Abraham’s presentation is well within the bounds of normal academic discourse. If it sometimes seems overly strident or even personal, one need not look far for the reason, the inflammatory, accusatory, and conspiracy-minded agitprop to which it is a reply.

  84. Professor Abraham has done sterling service by placing Christopher Monckton’s assertions under careful scrutiny. I fully support his efforts in this matter and condemn any attempt to supress an examination of Lord Monckton’s claims.

    Luke Silburn
    London, UK

  85. Alexander Johannesen
    NSW, Australia

    Monckton is scared senseless of science. He’s a talker that prefer evidence to stay away from his delusions, thank you very much. He’s part of the scum of the human species, an embarrassment to thinkers everywhere. The only way to battle stupidity is with science, and I’d like to thank John Abraham and St. Thomas University for doing the exactly right thing!

  86. Jeremy Cavanagh
    Electrical Engineer
    London, UK.

    I completely support Dr Abraham’s professional use of academic enquiry in regard to what Christopher Monckton has been saying in public about climate science. I expect that St Thomas University will ignore Monckton’s bullying tactics in trying to stop Dr Abraham doing what he is paid for.

  87. Anja van Leeuwen, biologist
    The Netherlands

    What a ridiculous situation, that this show of support should even be necessary!

    I’ve seen the presentations of John Abraham and Christopher Monckton, followed the ensuing responses and the request by Monckton to flood the university with emails demanding censorship and sanctions. I can only hope the university will not accede to such bully tactics.

    My heartfelt thanks to John Abraham for putting in so much time and effort into rebutting Monckton’s presentation.

  88. Fair play to John Abraham for his patient and considered responses to what can only be described as the ravings of Christopher Monckton.

  89. I offer my full support to Professor John Abraham and St. Thomas in standing up to cheap demagogues like Christopher Monckton and Anthony Watts.

  90. It is cheap and nasty to attempt to suppress Prof Abraham’s excellent work. There was a similar case at UCL, with Prof David Colquhoun, FRS. I hope that St. Thomas University is as robust as UCL was in their defence of a member of their academic community.

  91. John Abraham should be applauded for his significant efforts in exposing the numerous falsehoods in Monckton’s presentation. Since Monckton has no factual basis on which to rebut Abraham’s points it is perhaps not surprising that he has attempted to get them censored, yet it is a despicable, reprehensible and disingenuous act that must not be allowed to succeed.

    Ken Hendrickson, Dorset, UK

  92. I support John Abraham’s work. Highlighting the flaws and inaccuracies in Monckton’s arguments is an absolutely vital service.

    Matt Williams
    DClinPsych candidate
    Massey University
    New Zealand

  93. I wholeheartedly support John Abraham’s diligent and measured critique of the “science” behind Monckton’s bizarre claims.

    The hysterical response from Monckton and his denialist supporters clearly demonstrates that the Viscount is not wearing any clothes…

  94. Lord Monckton is a charlatan and a fraudster with no scientific credibility, capability or qualifications in any way shape or forum.

    Professor John Abraham however is, has been, and continues to be a consummate scientific professional despite the appalling antics and behavior of Lord Monckton and his followers.

    Professor Abraham is a credit to St Thomas University. It is vitally important that in academia and in a democratic society at large that his rebuttal to the appallingly “Bad Science” produced by Lord Monckton remain in public view for the benefit of all who believe that there should be truth and integrity in science, something that is sadly lacking both in what is produced by Lord Monckton and in his current childish behavior.

  95. Congratulations to Dr. Abraham for understanding the true purpose of educational institutions.

    John McManus
    Oxford, Nova Scotia,

  96. I looked at this debunking talk by John Abraham’s it was well laid out, well backed up with peer reviewed literature and is exactly the kind of critique we need when dealing with such obvious charlatans promoting their pseudoscience.

  97. I support John Abraham and his right to express scientific understanding openly.

    Charles Scott
    Ph.D. Candidate
    Simon Fraser University
    Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  98. The highly personal nature of Monkton’s attack alone should convince the University authorities to let Abrams effort remain. Not to mention his superb logic and communication skills.

    Geoff Rowe
    BA DipEd (retired teacher), enthusiastic follower of all things science.

  99. John Abraham, you rock, we need more scientists like yourself to stand up to the massive disinformation campaign be waged by the denialist industry, at the expense of our planet & its inhabitants. Good luck.

  100. John Abraham’s presentation is good work and I applaud his actions.
    St Thomas University also carries out a very important function in the support of his work.

    Stephen Kittel
    South Australia

  101. It is vital that the charlatans and fraudsters promoting pseudoscience are not allowed to shut down sceptical examination of their claims by genuine scientists.

    Otto Nikolaus

  102. I’m sure that the St. Thomas University Academic Community and President Father Dennis Dease are proud of Prof. Abraham and will just ignore Mr. Monkton’s ignorant intimidation. It’s a duty for any Academic and Scientific Institution to defend and protect science and scientists from any threat to the freedom of research and education.

    Prof. Riccardo Reitano,
    University of Catania, Italy

  103. John Abraham used the apparently underhanded methods that one learns in a career of scientific investigation. Monckton wants him disciplined for that. It’s Monckton who needs to learn what the scientific discipline entails. Kudos to John Abraham.

    Paul Tonita
    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  104. Thank you Dr. Abraham for publicising scientific facts. Thank you for showing us where we can check these facts. And thank you for sticking to facts.

    And thank you to the University of St. Thomas for providing the website.

    You both rock!

  105. I unreservedly support Dr Abraham’s work. His presentation is entirely polite, and a model of scientific integrity and a great teaching resource on some of the methods to combat fallacious arguments. Monckton’s responses have been the opposite – unscientific, personal attacks. Such attacks need to be stopped wherever they occur in science – if the science is wrong, show it is wrong with science, don’t vindictively attack the person. It is imperative that St Thomas University stand up for the freedom of scientific enquiry.

  106. A free market of ideas is a prerequisite of liberty. Monckton joins a long line of ideologues and petty tyrants who fear the unfettered flow of knowledge and therefore resort to the suppression of those who would oppose them with words. Enough is enough. Cockroaches flee from the light; shine it brightly enough on Monckton and he’ll do the same. Let Abraham speak.

    Robert Murphy
    North Carolina

  107. I have been appalled at the very obvious misrepresentations of climate science by Christopher Monckton. Monckton responds to reasoned criticism, such as that by John Abraham, with vicious personal attacks, and is currently clearly making an attack on academic freedom for a political end.

    Richard Burnham
    (MA, MSc Oxford, PhD Queen’s University of Belfast)
    Shrewsbury, UK

  108. I support John Abraham and the use of science to expose the flaws in Monckton’s assertions.

    John Abraham is a credit to St. Thomas University.

    Blair Rogers BA (Geog.), M. Phil. (REP)
    Energy Researcher
    Havelock North, New Zealand

  109. I commend Professor Abraham’s efforts to combat anti-science, and condemn Monckton’s efforts to organise and encourage harassment of Professor Abraham and his university.

  110. Monckton knows he cannot win on a continued scientific debate. This attempt to silence Prof Abraham is his only recourse to keep people from finding out how ridiculously fraudulent Monckton really is. As a lay person trying to understand the science, I find Prof Abrahams rebuttal a wonderful resource. I hope that you stand against Moncktons misguided mob and keep the presentation available.

  111. I give my full support to Prof Abraham for his tremendous effort in challenging pseudo-science and condemn the harassment he is currently facing. He is a credit to science and to St Thomas University.

    Steve Brown,
    London, UK

  112. I would like to add my support to Dr. Abraham. In an area as contentious as global warming it is essential to determine what is accurate and what is not. He has gone to great lengths using reason and evidence to show how one prominent global warming “skeptic” has systematically misrepresented the science. This is no small contribution considering the importance of global climate change.

  113. Ken Harwood
    I too commend Professor Abraham’s efforts to combat anti-science, and condemn Monckton’s efforts to organise and encourage harassment of Professor Abraham and his university.

  114. Name: frankbi (pseudonym)

    Location: Planet Earth

    Blog: Decoding SwiftHack

    I also urge the university to show to the whole world that they will take a firm stand against such intimidation by Viscount Monckton, and against any death threats or other hate speech which may be directed at Prof. Abraham or his defenders, as a result of Monckton’s call-to-arms. This is no time to simply keep quiet.

  115. I support Dr. Abraham. Monckton is knowingly fooling the people of the world about what is likely the greatest threat to humanity in the 21st century and beyond. Monckton’s actions are criminal in my opinion and he should have legal action taken against him.

    Scott A. Mandia, Professor – Physical Sciences
    Selden, NY

  116. Best wishes to Professor Abraham. Monckton’s legal threats and intimidation expose his complete lack of credibility. If climate change deniers had any sense they would dump him.

  117. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Abraham’s efforts and applaud St. Thomas fort their support in hosting his presentation.

    Harold Brooks
    Norman, Oklahoma

  118. I offer my full support to Dr. Abraham and to the University of St. Thomas for their efforts to educate the public and their resistance to intimidation tactics.

    Robert Hinrichs, PhD
    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

  119. I hearby give my support for John Abraham. His rebuttal is, in all major instances, correct and concise. Monkton draws the wrong conclusions from questionable sources and dresses it up as science and “proof”. You can see the difference.

  120. May your tribe increase.

    I’m a longtime text handler, reader, and editor in the science field, working alongside researchers, and know how this work is done. Do please keep up the good work, and may the university stand beside you 100 percent. I and like-minded people everywhere certainly do.

  121. Thanks to John Abraham for sticking up for science. If Monckton had a leg to stand on he would refute the science rather than resort to bullying.

  122. I would like to commend Professor Abraham for his in-depth, polite and professional rebuttal of any and all points brought forward by Christopher Monckton.

    The scientific community needs to step up to the plate to maintain standards of integrity, honesty and carefully argued scientific examination in the field of climate science. Rather than give in to a heavily politicized and polarized debate, scientists ought to be allowed to offer the facts and give their very best professional insights.

    Prof. Abraham and St. Thomas University can be proud of this careful and factual presentation, offered to scientists and the general public alike.

    Of course, different values and different political choices will come into play when determining a policy response, but open and objective discourse about scientific facts and theory should be unencumbered by these value judgements.

    Bob Brand – The Netherlands
    Physics Ph. D., University of Amsterdam

  123. John Abraham is doing exactly what we want our academics to do, clarifying complex topics and distinguishing the wheat from the chaff on an important social issue. Monbiot’s campaign is a transparent attempt to silence someone who has exposed his chaff for what it is. Support John Abraham!

    Jason Ahrns
    Space Physics PhD Student
    University of Alaska – Fairbanks

  124. Wade B. Gieni, B.Sc.
    Masters of Environmental Management (M.Sc.) Student
    Royal Roads University
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Keep up the good work. The only way that this mis-information can be stopped is by educating the people on what the science is indicating, and how the concepts used in science differ from those used in the everyday world.

  125. I endorse the above statement wholeheartedly.

    In addition, I would like to thank John Abraham for taking the time to debunk Monkcton’s Gish Gallop in the first place.

    Donald Broatch (Bsc)

  126. It is well past the time when the bullying and outright lies of the climate denialists be dealt with directly. I characterize their actions as sui-genocide: Do they delude themselves they can survive 6C+ with the corporate chum they get, or are they really that lacking in basic reading skills?

    Not since the Inquisition have we seen an entire group of people and an entire area of human knowledge and endeavor systematically attacked in this way. It is time to turn the tables. While the hypocritical and clownish Monckton tells lies and half-truths, let us tell full truths to reveal these unethical, immoral people for what they are.

    My 2 year-old son’s future is in doubt, along with almost 7 billion others, because of their lies. This is a crime against humanity, and nature itself.

  127. It’s wonderful to see so many supporting John Abraham and his methodological, scientific and astonishingly civil debunking of Monckton’s illusions and rantings.

    Keep up the great work!

    Katri Lehtinen (MA Eng Phil, Adv Dipl EDM (Open))
    Bonn, Germany

  128. I teach High School Chemistry in Tampa, Florida. I storngly support scientists like Dr. Abrahams efforts to teach the public about Climate change. Why should a journalist be able to censor scientists?

  129. Professor Abraham has done a thorough job of exposing Monckton and St. Thomas University should be proud that they have John Abraham as one of their professors.

    It is important to recognize what Christopher Monkton is. We have had previous experience with people who have “mental aberrations” and have manage to gain control of a country. For example: Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Christopher Monckton would seem to fit the “Hare Psychopathy Checklist” for “aggressive narcissism”. I have more on this on my webpage at:

    Bill Butler
    B. Sc. Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brown University

  130. It is sad that the pseudo-skeptic community is so ready to cry censorship when they attack the facts, but when the shoe is on the other foot, they want the truth muzzled.

    Dr. Abraham’s presentation is excessively polite and PACKED with facts. We need more, not less, like him. If Lord Monckton wants to peddle disinformation, it should at least be possible to get the kind of background Dr. Abraham’s hard work provides. If the truth hurts, that’s no reason to muzzle it.

  131. John Abraham has demonstrated in no uncertain terms the power of critical thinking and reason, employed as they are to systematically demolish so many of the claims made in Christopher Monckton’s presentation. It is an incredible effort that should be appIauded.

    I sincerely hope that St. Thomas University will leave Abraham’s detailed rebuttal on their website, for it is of great public benefit to see the contrast presented: on the one hand, Abraham does a forensic investigation of the claims made in Monckton’s presentation, and on the basis of the evidence is led to conclude that the claims are unwarranted; on the other hand, the original claims in Monckton’s presentation are examples of rhetoric and a magician’s tool of mis-direction, superficially appealing and yet without adequate basis in fact – as Abraham clearly establishes.

    Donald Oats,
    Murray Bridge,
    South Australia.

  132. I strongly support John Abraham and do not want to see his work taken down. It is important that people like him are allowed to point out in detail what is wrong in the deceptive presentations of people like Monckton.

    Daniel Fox
    Bloomington, IN

  133. Dr Abrahams’ response to The Viscount Monkton of Brenchley’s ridiculous traveling show is fair and long-overdue; he’s a credit to academia and his university. It would be very welcome if more academics would take the time to communicate their craft with the public.

    Jason Pettitt,
    Science fan and Open University student
    East Anglia, UK.

  134. I found Professor Abraham’s presentation to be credible, fair and polite.
    I especailly appreciate the fact that he personally contacted many of tthe authors and presented their opinions directly, rather than his own interpretation.

    John Cartmill
    Herndon, VA USA

  135. Thank you Professor Abraham for exposing deciet and defending science.
    May other outraged scientists swell your ranks and actively confront the disinformation campaign that is poisoning the public’s understanding of scientific issues.
    Keep up the good fight.

    Cedric Katesby.
    Seoul, South Korea

  136. Professor Abraham’s presentation was an excellent piece of work, going direct to the source. This intimidation should not be allowed to occur, this shows that this isn’t a scientific debate at all but ideology. Don’t let anti-science win!

    Wellington, New Zealand

  137. Professor Abraham’s presentation was an excellent piece of work, going direct to the source. This intimidation should not be allowed to occur. Don’t let anti-science win!

    Wellington, New Zealand

  138. Good science should be recognised always – as should healthy – and I mean healthy – debate and enquiry. This excludes mocking and attacking a professional. Let Professor Abraham’s presentation stand.

    Sydney, NSW, Australia

  139. We must all support Dr. John Abraham and his university against the bullying pomposity that is Viscount Monckton. There is so much to do especially in the field of agricultural adaption to a difficult future. We must push-back against and identify the interests that pay this creatures expenses and move the debate on. This is really serious! In my field of agriculture we have so much work to do and it wont get financed while the whole field of climate change is regarded as “Controversial”

  140. In support of Dr. Abraham. Freedom of Speech applies here; how dare anyone pressure a university to become a censor.

    Daniel Friedman
    Houston, TX USA

  141. Thank you for your work, professor Abraham. Don’t give up.
    Do not mind exhibitionists.
    Dr. Antonio Zecca
    Department of Physics
    University of Trento

  142. I fully support Professor Abraham in his careful analysis of Monckton’s misrepresentation of climate science and of the scientific papers Monckton uses misleadingly to support his anti-science views. I also support and applaud St. Thomas University in their efforts to provide a venue for the debunking of Monckton’s falsehoods. I strongly urge St. Thomas University and Professor Abraham to stand firm in the face of Monckton’s and his gang’s attempts at intimidation.

  143. John Abraham’s rebuttal of Lord Moncton is one of the best take-downs of the climate misinformation campaign I’ve seen. Many other misinformers are using the same arguments as Lord Moncton. It is vital to the future of humanity that we spread the truth about the climate dangers facing us. Please don’t let WUWT and Lord Moncton bully the University into taking down Abraham’s presentation.

  144. Abraham’s work is a useful example of how science seeks the truth rather than attempting to shore up preconceived prejudices.

    The lesson is that if you want to question anything said in the media about a scientific paper, the best thing to do is to contact the authors! Abraham has demonstrated the merit of this approach effectively.

  145. Real scientists like John Abraham need our support not our censure as the forces of anti-science are, sadly, only getting stronger.

    John Phillips

  146. I fully support Professor Abraham and I abhor the methods Christopher Monckton is using to try and silence him.

    Peter Hearnden

  147. All right thinking people should support Professor John Abraham for the work he has done. Contrasted with the scurrilous behaviour of Christopher Monckton; the powers that be at St. Thomas University should have no difficulty in dismissing Monckton’s appeal.

  148. I have the highest regard for Prof John Abraham and think his presentation is a thoroughly fair and accurate rebuttal of Monktons assertions.

    Tim Wilcox
    Semur en Auxois

  149. It’s high time for the world to wake up to the misinformation Monckton has been spreading.

    Dave Hudson
    Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

  150. Abraham’s rebuttal of Monckton is civil, dispassionate and technically robust. He has provided a necessary counter point to the Monckton presentation. He deserves credit for putting in the effort required. The university should be thanked for providing the environment where such free academic inquiry can take place.

    Don Fontaine PhD Mich State U 1983.

  151. I am not a climate scientist, but after viewing John Abraham’s presentation, it is clear that he has presented a careful debunking of the “science” in Monckton’s talk by going back to the actual source of the relevant information (that Monckton has misrepresented) in every case (ie, the scientific paper and/or the author(s) of the paper).

    I commend Dr. Abraham for taking the time and effort to address what can only be characterized as “fringe” views on climate science (that Monckton is propagating)

    It is very telling that Monckton is now using the threat of legal action to squelch the debate. It is, in fact, a tacit admission that he simply can not win by arguing the science.

    Monckton knows he can not win the scientific argument — because that would mean disproving, not Abraham, but all the climate scientists that Abraham has referenced and quoted in his presentation.

    As a matter of fact, to “win” the argument in this case, Monckton would have to disprove what the vast majority of the world’s climate scientists have been saying for some time now (in scientific journals, IPCC reports, testimony before Congress, etc) : that global warming is real, that humans are largely responsible for it and that it represents a significant threat to future (and possibly even current) generations.

    No surprise that Monckton would attempt, therefore, to put an end to the debate by “disappearing” the debate entirely through threats of legal action.

    Monckton’s legal threats are just the latest example of the disgusting, anti-democratic intimidation of scientists that we have witnessed over the past few years and if it is allowed to succeed, it will set a very bad precedent indeed.

    Laurence Jewett
    (BS Physics)

    PS It may seem a small thing, but it’s actually “University of St. Thomas (MN)”, NOT “St. Thomas University (MN)” as Monckton incorrectly refers to it . That would seem to be a perfect example of just how careless Monckton is with his “facts”.

  152. I saw the article at WUWT and emailed Father Dease a letter of support for Dr. Abraham. Hopefully it doesn’t get lost in the noise of mindless WUWT clones.

    Mark Swanson
    Superior, Colorado

  153. ALL scientists, and especially climate scientists, need to strongly
    and unequivocally support Abraham. This is by no means the only personal
    attack and harassment that Monckton has launched against responsible scientific discourse and it should not be tolerated.
    Dr. Ray Weymann
    Carnegie Observatories Staff Member Emeritus

  154. John Abraham’s presentation of some of Christopher Monckton’s misrepresentations was very fair. Abraham took care to avoid both character assasination and insult and it would be a travesty if his University censored him by removing his presentation due to pressure from Monckton. Interested parties should be allowed to here both Abraham’s and Monckton’s arguments, and then judge for themselves.

  155. I am grateful to Professor Abraham for having the patience to go through Mr. Monckton’s talk and for carefully pointing out what’s wrong with it. Attacking him for it is unbecoming even of a fake peer.
    Wojciech Setlak
    Warsaw, Poland

  156. Dear Sirs,

    Not only do I support Professor Abraham but wish to suggest that you take a most aggressive stand against Lord Monckton and company.

    There is furthermore no reason to have Professor Abraham alter or water down his presentation. IN FACT I WOULD URGE HIM TO RE-POST THE VIDEOS HE HAD POSTED ON YOU TUBE.

    I would further suggest that your university considers forming alliances with other institutions to prepare for, defend themselves from and counterattack the Oil Companies and their front groups who are responsible for initiating these attacks against Science and Humanity itself vis a vis Shills like Lord Monckton.

    While these counterattacks would incorporate reasoned rebuttals they would have to consist of exposes, condemnations of Oil Companies and boycott of their products, etc..

    Please take a favorite saying of mine to heart. You don’t dance with Psychopaths nor do you reason with Psychotics. Lord Monckton is, in my opinion both, but of much more importance, those who support him in high places are of the first variety. In my personal experience, you never, ever underestimate psychopaths.

    In summation, I give my support for John Abraham and cannot overstress the need for taking an aggressive stand against Lord Monckton’s deep pockets.

    Giordano Hernandez
    Los Angeles, CA

  157. Real science is conducted by vigorus debate between informed people. This attempt at censorship clearly shows Monckton has no science on his side, only threats and inuendo.

    Brian Fahlman
    Saskatoon, SK, Canada

  158. When I grew up, they disbelieved continental drift. Of course now it’s accepted. CO2 is the Earth’s thermostat. Monckton’s misrepresentations are bunk. Please support Prof. Abraham and allow his presentation to stay put.

    James Long
    US Patent and Trademark Attorney

  159. Dr. Abraham has my full support. His presentation is not libelous, it’s a careful debunking of the lies and disinformation Lord Monckton has promulgated on this pressing issue. Do not allow Lord Monckton or others to pressure or intimidate your university to limit academic freedoms.

  160. It’s not a matter of balanced debate. Monckton is deliberatly spreading misinformation, and Prof. Abraham is competently showing what the science says.

    In no way this public service should concede to Monckton’s bullying.

    Alexandre Lacerda
    Serra Negra, SP

  161. I fully support and thank John Abraham for his effort to produce a much needed, and appreciated, comprehensive debunking of Mr Mockton’s anti-science campaign.

    I would urge the University of St Thomas to strenuously resist and vigorously defuse Mr M’s chronic propensity for terrorist tactics against free speech itself.

  162. Hoping Prof. Abraham gets credit for public services…

    Dan Kirk-Davidoff
    Adjunct Professor of Meteorology at University of Maryland.

  163. I’ve followed Monckton’s antics for a while. Professor Alexander has performed a valuable service by thoroughly investigating Monckton’s charges and revealing their weaknesses and inconsistencies.

  164. I absolutely support John Abraham and his research.
    Monckton is just upset because this rightfully destroys any credibility he had.

    There’s a sea change happening and I’m happy to say it’s even becoming evident in southern USA.

  165. For the sake of academic integrity and discourse, please resist any attempts by Monckton and Watts to suppress Prof Abraham’s thoughtful presentation.

  166. Dr Abraham’s public service in science education on an important issue is a credit to your University.

    Tracy P. Hamilton
    Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

  167. John Abraham provided a calmly delivered rebuttal of Christopher Monckton’s peculiar brand of pseudo-science which is built on the premise that bullshit baffles brains.

    The tone of Monckton’s latest response is nothing short of bullying of the type normally seen in the school playground. Monckton’s amazing diatribe of questions is, to use an expression with which Monckton will be familiar, ‘all stuff’.

    I write in support of John Abraham and sincerely hope that St. Thomas University resist this particularly odious example of bullying an example which makes me ashamed of having the same country of origin as Monckton.

  168. I’d like to thank Professor Abraham for his rebuttal of Christopher Monckton’s public presentation about the lack of scientific proof of climate change. Professor Abraham maintains a professional and respectful tone throughout it. It is clear that it isn’t a personal attack on Monckton as a person. Rather Abraham, as a scientist, is responding to the scientific assertions that Monckton makes in his public presentations. What comes through in Professor Abraham’s presentation is that the assertions that Monckton makes do not meet the widely accepted standards of science. Thank you, Mr. Abraham!

  169. Professor John Abraham is to be commended for his refuting of the many errors and instances of misinformation and misrepresentation in Christopher Monckton’s presentations on climate change. St. Thomas University must not allow Monckton to stifle academic freedom.

    Jim Eager
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  170. I thought the whole point of debating the controversy was to erm….debate it.

    Now Monckton was to censor the opposing view? Shameful hypocrite.

  171. Too few people are aware of the acute and severe danger of climate and fewer are aware of the anti-scientific propaganda machine that tries to keep the public inactive.
    Since global greenhouse gas emissions are nowhere near dropping, one can only conclude that the disinformation campaign has been very succesful during the past twenty years.
    Lord Mockton continues to lend his voice to those who want to see no action to stop climate change and he does it brilliantly. He is a very good speaker and is obviously well-informed of the science. It seems therefore very unlikely that he doesn’t know what is really going on. In other words: he very likely knows that climate change is the greatest disaster human kind has ever faced and he works relentlessly to STOP governments and citizens from trying to avert its worst consequences.
    Anyone who cynically engages in the denialist movement commits the gravest of crimes against humanity and against life. As a young person, I am convinced that members of my generation, as soon as they come to understand what these people have knowingly caused, will not forgive them.
    I give my full support to anyone who works to combat the forces of disinformation that have now launched an unprecented, desperate, below-the-belt attack on scientists, the academic world and civil society.
    No University should ever give in to public pressure to suppress any information that holds up to certain academic standards and especially not when it’s related to human-caused global climate change.

    Arne Perschel
    Otura, Spain

  172. I fully support John Abraham and the University of Saint Thomas in resisting Christopher Monckton’s attack on academic freedom.

    David Peabody, BEng
    Calgary, Canada

  173. I hope that Monckton actually does try to get this taken to court. Any judge would read both sides of the story and laugh Monckton out on his ear.

    My support stands behind Dr. Abraham 100%.

  174. I urge St. Thomas University to stand strongly behind Professor Abraham in this controversy. In the greatest tradition of academics and teaching, Professor Abraham has given a large amount of his time to using his knowledge and skills to the service of public education and understanding of a very important issue. It is essential that his institution stand behind him as he comes under attack from those who would like his thoughtful and cogent critiques removed from public discourse.

    Your strong support for Dr. Abraham will reflect very well on St. Thomas University and will help emphasize the vital concept that in the public debate that there those who should be considered more credible than others in understanding climate science.

  175. Lord Monckton’s cheap bullying tactics have no place in either academia or science. John Abraham has presented a carefully reasoned and thoroughly researched debunking of Monckton’s rhetorical excesses and fact-free declarations that deserves the widest possible audience. I encourage St. Thomas to keep these presentations up and available.

    Dr. Gary L. Herstein
    Ellis University.

  176. I strongly support John Abraham. His presentation is an extremely valuable public service. At this juncture in history, the education of the American public on the facts of climate change, especially debunking this type of misinformation, is the most important service we in academia can provide to our nation and our world.
    -Dr. Gary Witt
    Assistant Professor of Statistics
    Temple University

  177. Thank God we have people like Abraham standing for the the science on this topic! Monkton and other deniers should be prosecuted for the disinformation they spread. Climate Change unchecked could very well be the end of humanity and the continued disinformation and interference in addressing it should be prosecutable.

  178. As member of the Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Saint Louis University I support Professor Abraham and his analysis of Monckton’s talk

  179. I hereby declare my support for prof. Abraham. The public debate on global warming is too important to allow it to be hijacked by thugs and con men.

    dr. H.J. van Eerten
    Center for Cosmology & Particle Physics, New York University
    – Master degree, theoretical physics
    – PhD, astrophysics

  180. A french-speaking support 🙂

    Tout mon soutien au Pr Abraham ! Son intervention était pafaitement documentée et facile à suivre.

    J’espère que vous ne vous laisserez pas intimider par “Monseigneur” ! 🙂

    Dr Philippe Terrier, PhD
    Senior scientist

  181. I have gone through both presentations and the professionalism and accuracy of John Abraham is far superior to Christopher Monckton. I encourage watching and fact checking both presentations personally to show the truth in Abrahams points. I’m a Mechanical Engineer studying Energy and Public Policy at the University of Maryland.

  182. Monckton is an idiot, he has to resort to spamming from his denier buddies vs. any sort of scientific or logical recourse.

    I support Dr. Abraham and his posting 100%

    Phila, PA, USA

  183. Nobody, I don’t care who, should be allowed to suppress legitimate research on the basis of unreviewed data. Not at a legitimate university.

  184. Dr. Abraham and the University of St. Thomas have my full support.

    Shame on Mr. Watts and Mr. Monckton for their disgraceful behavior.

    Julian Brimelow, Canada

  185. I and many others support Dr. Abraham and are shocked at bully tactics. If it weren’t for Dr. Abraham I myself would never have known to what extent Christopher Monckton had just flat out lied about what reputable scientific studies show about the dire direction of earth’s climate. It’s rare for an academic to take the time to do the tedious work to set the record straight, so Dr. Abraham’s work needs to be disseminated and available for all.

  186. I support Dr. Abraham. Do not allow Lord Monockton and Mr. Watts to censor a well done presentation on objective science, as it is our best way to sort out the truth.

  187. I’ll confess I have no formal academic association. However, I have at least been exposed to the requisites of scientific presentation and of scientific rigor. I applaud Professor Abraham’s presentation (and his subsequent responses to the ad hominem attacks on him) as excellent examples of both.

    Plus they bring a clarity and comprehensibility to those of out out of the main flood of the scientific discourse.

    Maintaining integrity of scientific information is vital. Pointing out (with appropriate and detailed examples) failure of such integrity is laudable.

    If anything, rather than take down Professor Abraham’s presentation, I think it should be heavily promoted. It reflects well on the University and on the professor.

  188. I found Dr. Abraham’s presentation very professional and helpful and much appreciate his efforts.

    William R. DeMott
    Professor of Biology
    Indiana-Purdue University

  189. Lord Monckton has often asked for those who disagree to debate him. John Abraham chose to do this in writing rather than in front of an audience. Prof Abrahams is to be congratulated on a professional and well researched rebuttal to the swagger, bluster, and misleading pseudoscientific claims and distortions in Lord Monckton’s presentations. Kudos to the University for supporting science over rhetoric!

  190. Lord Monckton has often asked for those who disagree to debate him. John Abraham chose to do this in writing rather than in front of an audience. Prof Abraham is to be congratulated on a professional and well researched rebuttal to the swagger, bluster, and misleading pseudoscientific claims and distortions in Lord Monckton’s presentations. Kudos to the University for supporting science over rhetoric!

  191. Go get em, John Abraham. Out here in the Russian Ural Mountains, Ekaterinburg, I have shared the professor’s presentation here and back to my newspaper, family in Australia and Oregon, and friends in Estes Park, Colorado. And, told Abraham what I have done

    My only hope for Monckton is he has good health care so he can eventually see how wrong he has been.

    Dr. Milt Garrett, CEO Garrett Group International, Emeritus Professor

  192. Let’s also not forget Aldus Huxley’s famous quote in all this Monckton-Abraham controversy: “Facts ignored do not cease to exist.” (Addressing this quote to you, “Lord” Monckton.)

    Milt Garrett; CEO, Garrett Group International, Emeritus Professor

  193. Dr. Abraham’s work is well known, and respected throughout the world. Monckton is known as either quite unknowledgable on the subject of climate change, or as having a “hidden agenda”, or both. We have the same mentality going on right now in the Unites States, casting doubts on flouridation of water and children receiving immunizations against childhood diseases. I fully support the work of Dr. Abraham and St. Thomas University. Education MUST win against ignorance!

  194. Full marks to Professor Abrahams, and to the University. The detailed analysis of Mr. Monckton’s mis-representations of published literature was marvellous to watch. In particular I greatly appreciated your very dignified and civil tone. Bravo.

    PhD (conservation biology)
    Nanaimo, BC, Canada

  195. Professor Abraham has done an immense service to the scientific community and to all those interested in climate science. His work should be proudly displayed for all to see, not censored as Monckton would like to do. Please stand by Professor Abraham and do not cave in to Monckton’s outrageous demands.

    Mark Ellison
    Associate Professor
    Department of Chemistry
    Ursinus College
    Collegeville, PA

  196. A brief expression of Sympathy is in order, for the plight of the climate deniers. Deception and lying are unavoidable, because the facts are against them.
    Christopher Monckton’s practice of such blogosphere ethics in academe has been effectively challenged, by John Abraham.
    Monckton’s weird and wild escalation warrants continued attention and debunking elsewhere.

  197. I fully support John Abraham and the integrity of the scientific method against the intellectual dishonestly and denialism of Christopher Monckton.

    B.J. Edwards
    Somerville, MA, USA

  198. I support Dr. Abraham and his essay, and I ask his university to not succumb to the bullying and demand for censure-ship from Mr. Monckton.

  199. Kudos to Mr Abraham for standing his ground and standing up for true science. It’s funny in a way how Monckton and his type flock to ‘freedom of speech’ to defend their attacks, but when things turn against them, they want censorship. I guess that is what happens when you have no true solid ground to stand on for defense.

  200. I support John Abraham, and deplore Christopher Monckton’s absurd demand that Dr. Abraham’s presentation be suppressed by the St. Thomas University. I believe it is the duty of this and any other University to foster open inquiry and debate. If Lord Monckton can’t withstand the bright light of scrutiny, he should keep his ill-mannered and uninformed mouth shut.

  201. Dr. Abraham’s detailed and balanced debunking of Lord Monckton’s proposiitions has my full support
    Mats Almgren
    Professor of Physical Chemistry
    Uppsala University

  202. John Abraham is correct in his observations on Mockton’s presentation. Any person with any knowledge of climate change will easily see the flaws in Mockton’s premise. If anyone should remove their presentation and be called in front of a review board it is Mockton.

  203. We need science, not denialism. I fully support John Abraham against Christopher Monckton’s distortions and lies.

    Anne C. Hanna
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  204. Professor of Chemistry, Lone Star College – Montgomery, Conroe, Texas

    I was extremely impressed by Dr. Abraham’s presentation, a scientific dissection of Monckton’s anti-science. The University of St. Thomas has a tremendous asset in Dr. Abraham.

  205. It is astounding that Christopher Monckton would attempt to bring pressure in this manner. Monckton’s work is a farce, which John Abraham has demonstrated with admirable logic and scientific rigor.

    I am trained in engineering and physics (master’s level) and have followed climate science closely for more than five years.

  206. Dr. Jörg Zimmermann
    Quality manager
    Deutscher Wetterdienst
    Offenbach, Germany
    I personally support Prof. John Abraham. This is a private statement, which may not represent the position of the Deutscher Wetterdienst. However, the Deutscher Wetterdienst has a clear position that climate change is happening, that its effects are observable, that it is mainly anthropogenic and that during this century it will lead to strong effects with possible damages to agricultural productivity and public and private property:

  207. I wholeheartedly support Abraham. Monckton’s complaints are weak and irrelevant – the university has no standing, credibility or respect to gain from caving in to Monckton. It would be intellectual and academic suicide to give in to such bullying.


    Axel Kaspar Edgren, Stockholm.

  208. I fully support John Abraham’s debunking of Monckton’s presentation. Professor Abraham was both respectful and accurate in his carefully researched presentation. Yes, I watched it from start to finish.
    We need more people like Abraham.

    Daniel Simon
    Chicago, IL (USA)

  209. The more this idiot Monkton rants, the more he promotes Dr Abrahams presentation. Monkton: Keep ranting, it only supports the good work Dr Abrahams does

  210. John Abraham’s presentation was remarkably informative and succinct and offered a stark contrast to lord Moncton’s invective, bullying and outright fabrications. It is our good fortune to have such men and he deserves our thanks.

    knoxkp – Montreal – DJ @ CJLO

  211. Regardless of the topic, this sort of attempted bullying should be rejected by all respectable institutions. That the issue is one of vital global importance makes such asininity even more unworthy.

    Pierce Butler
    Gainesville, Florida, USA

  212. Mr . Monckton which should be his official title has not earned his stripes in science. Thank you to professor Abraham who earned his stripes in his analysis of Mr Monckton’s presentation.

  213. Monckton, Lord of what? The Flies?
    The flies circling the rotting carcass of his own appalling campaign of lies and scientific illiteracy.
    Nice work and very generous too, John Abraham.
    I can’t believe we still need to debate this.

    Conor Jeory
    New Zealand
    Artist, Musician, Chef.

  214. Prof. John Abraham has has leveraged the slides of Lord Monckton, not only to illustrate weakness in the Lord’s claims, but also to lay out the points of conflict where the science is attacked.

    In the process he has contributed something special to the process. He has my support.

    Lord Monckton has contributed nothing to the process. You can do the logic.

  215. I fully support John Abraham’s well-researched rebuttal of Lord Monckton’s continuing mis-use of research in his cynical attempt to delay much-needed action on global warming.

    Samuel Silvers
    New York, NY

  216. I sincerely hope that Father Dease and others at the University of St. Thomas ignore the pleas of right wing extremists, egged on by The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, to censor John Abraham’s rebuttal of Benchley’s absurd comments regarding climate change. Freedom of speech should not be abridged because those who attack others (Benchley) are offended when solid counterarguments are offered, as did John Abraham. I fully support Mr. Abraham’s right to refute the non-scientific and belligerent comments made by the misguided Viscount and encourage the University to do the same.

    Larry Beck
    Denton, Tx

  217. I commend Dr. Abraham for his thorough and systematic refutation of Mockton’s denialist pap. Diehard anti-warmers are quite obviously a lost cause. Nonetheless, critical-thinking climate change skeptics have now been presented with persuasive evidence for the deceit inherent in Mockton’s line of argumentation. Once planted, this seed of doubt (about the veracity of denialist claims in general) will hopefully continue to flourish in the abundance of bovine fecal matter that his Lordship and his cronies will desperately spread in his defense.

  218. I appreciate so much the courage with which John Abraham is fighting against ignorance in the debate about global climate change. Whether we call it ‘warming’ or not, even average people around the globe can find articles showing the truth of the matter; that the sea is rising and the ice is melting.

  219. Lord Mockton’s attempts to stymie free speech and public discourse about climate change science are utterly repugnant, amounting to little more than frivolous publicity seeking. Prof Abraham has my full support.

  220. I am very grateful for Prof. Abraham’s presentation, which I have found very helpful, and also encouraging, in engaging with skeptics. In any case, it was carefully done, and an entirely defensible act of scholarship, for which he should NOT be censured, but rather thanked.

  221. Writing here to support Prof. Abraham and his thorough eviscerating of Mockton’s psuedo science talk.

    He has done the world a favor and I ask the University to stand firm against the calls from Mockton and his supporters to take it down through intimidation.

  222. I support John Abraham and his exposure of the vicious lies of Lord Monckton. Under no circumstances should Prof. Abraham’s page be censored.

  223. I support John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. I applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

    Rob Spiller

  224. Monckton is turning his back on the normal process of scientific enquiry in seeking to gag his critics. This is not how responsible scientists behave. It is eerily similar though, to the way that hucksters and charlatans behave. This whole business bears close resemblance to the Simon Singh libel case in the UK. In that case, quacks seeking to silence dissent were routed; I hope that will be repeated here.

    I fully support Prof. Abraham and I encourage St. Thomas University to support open enquiry by resisting this attack upon free-speech.

  225. I appreciate and support what Professor Abraham has done.

    Over the years I have found that Monckton is a liar, a fraud, and a bully. Monckton should be ignored; failing that he should be confronted and challenged.

  226. I support John Abraham. Although i feel strongly that all voices on subjects should be heard and that even Prince Monckton does have a right to his opinion, regardless how painfully wrong and out of touch it is. The use of gagging techniques such as the threat of litigation, Censorship and variety of suppression threats do not progress the interests of scientific knowledge or our position on this earth.

  227. Monckton’s bullying tactics are deplorable. Science should not be censored, however uncomfortable its findings are.

    Colin Sharples, PhD UEA 1996
    Wellington, NZ.

  228. I support the truth and the science behind it. So I cannot abide the FUD and carbon collaborator Moncton and I will hold him personally responsible for the damage to our younger generations his shilling results in.

    I encourage Christopher Monckton to keep talking and keep exposing himself in public. I also encourage him to breathe deeply.

  229. I support the general set of ideas proposed and expressed by Dr. John Abraham. I strongly disapprove of the comments, ideas, and any other form of information spoken, written, or expressed by Mr. Monckton.

    Zorana Kojic
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL

  230. We the undersigned offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton’s misrepresentation of the science of climate, and we applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

  231. Bravo to Abraham. Monkton asked for a debate, why chicken out of it? He’s trying to go around it because he knows that he can’t win.

    I support Abraham and his willingness to question and seek truth.

    Brian Dong
    Civil Engineer
    Silicon Valley, CA

  232. I fully support John Abraham’s work in getting the facts out on Global Warming. We need to know about Global Warming and other consequences of our abuse of the planet so that we can quickly reverse the destructive course that we have set for ourselves.

    John L. Clark
    Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  233. It would be a travesty and a blot on St. Thomas to participate in letting science deniers bully scientists. If action is taken against Prof. Abraham, it is St. Thomas’ reputation that will be blackened.

    Eric Ferguson
    Minneapolis, MN

  234. Thank you, Prof. Abraham, for maintaining the standards of academic integrity needed when dealing with such drivel as Monckton dishes out. It’s not easy to play by the rules when others are changing them by the minute, well done.

    Tony Wildish (PhD. Physics)

  235. Scientific debate relies entirely on free debate between academics and those interested in the academic project. Respectable intellectuals do not run to a judge to have their opponents silenced. Lord Monckton risks joining other big names who have recently made themselves look foolish by resorting to the libel laws.

  236. I have watched Dr. Abraham’s presentation and I find it a model of professional restraint combined with intellectual assiduousness. Given Mr. Monkton’s scurrilous personal attacks on others, the fact that he would attack so strictly correct a presentation is deeply troubling.

  237. I congatulate Dr. Abraham and fully support his rebuttal of Monckton’s flawed and misleading presentations. St. Thomas U. should be proud of its stance and its faculty.

  238. I say we don’t just sign petitions – let’s make sure each and every one of these scientists knows they and their work is supported and appreciated. Write to universities and scientists to voice your support!

    Rene Mai
    Student, University of Texas School of Law

  239. Excellent work John Abraham! Nobody should have to stand by and be attacked in such a senseless way by a man with no knowledge in this realm.

  240. John Abraham did a great service in providing a fact based rebuttal to Monckton. He has my thanks.

    Frank Johnston
    B.Sc. , M.Sc. , Ph. D.

  241. Full support for John’s critique. If Lord Monckton can’t answer the substance of the review (and so far it appears not) then he should withdraw his previous assertions.

    University of Auckland, NZ

  242. Originally from MN and have many friends at St. Thomas who support Abraham and love the work he does as their professor. Using facts and research is what science is all about, not hearsay, half-truths, and mis-represented data.

    San Francisco, CA

  243. I fully support John Abraham, congratulate him on his painstaking, exhaustive and highly revealing work, and hope he continues to publicly deconstruct the more far-fetched-but-influential statements of some so-called ‘sceptics’.

    John Abraham has done us all a tremendous service and I am very grateful to him.

  244. I support Dr. Abraham and his work in combating the inanity of climate change denial.

    Gregory Ehrendreich
    Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
    Chicago, IL USA

  245. I don’t know why Monckton continually tries to shout down real scientists with real science degrees. I am a communicator – like Monckton- but I don’t pretend to be anything more. We can’t all be experts in everything- so I educate myself as much as I can and learn from real experts.

    If you want to learn how to write a press release, swing by my office- or Monckton’s- but if you want to learn about climate science talk to a climate scientist.

  246. I support John Abraham and St. Thomas University is promoting open debate on climate issues.

    Michael Blanco
    Linfield College
    McMinnville, OR USA

  247. I support Professor Anderson and his thorough debunking of Monckton’s disinformation. This material should remain in publication.

    Furthermore, the methods used by Monckton show forth the fact that he is in the wrong and deserves no consideration.

  248. Monckton is a fraud and a liar and a kook. He calls himself lord but is not and never has been a member of the House of Lords. He says he was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher but there is no record of his service. He is supported by ExxonMobile and the Koch Brothers. He is a disgrace to scientists and Britishers everywhere.

  249. There once was a fella called Monckton,
    Who claimed he’d been litigiously dumped on;
    Twas patent absurd,
    But steam could be heard
    Escaping clenched teeth as Abr’am debunked him.

  250. I have reviewed the excellent web site of John Abraham, and support him in his efforts to clarify climate issues and promote open debate.

    David Rowney
    Biostatistician (retired), UC Berkeley
    MS Mechanical Engineering

  251. This is unbelievable. And they dare call themselves “skeptics”, when all they are is an unabashed lynch mob. They pretend to be asking for open debate, yet all their arguments are lies and misinterpretations, and when called out on it, they resort to intimidation. Disgusting.

  252. I thank Dr. Abraham for putting in the huge effort of showing Monkton’s misleading claims for what they are. Hopefully, his university will honour him for his scientific excellence and not be intimidated by Monkton’s bullying.

    Mark Polle, M.D.

  253. Dr. Abraham – I have placed photos of yourself besides that of Lord Monckton and nine out of ten crustaceans agreed that you look least like a prawn. Everyone here found your presentation debating the viscount both informative and polite – Thank You!

  254. The desire of His Excellency, The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, to blunt criticism of his Lordship and his Lordship’s public statements through legal intimidation and public bullying is a despicable action of an aristocrat more comfortable before a legal bar than in the halls of academic debate and he should be resisted by all men who honor scientific freedom and free speech.

    I proudly add my name to this statement.

  255. I fully support Abraham and the University in their efforts to shine light on “Lord” Monckton’s manipulations of the available science and the cases of fabricating of his own science to support his claims.

    As a former student at the University of St. Thomas, I am proud to know the University has the courage and integrity to stand up for the truth.

    Monckton clearly has no one but himself to blame for his poor reputation.

  256. John Abraham has done a truly great job he has taken the argument, which are sometimes so difficult to understand because of their technical language and distilled it down to common sense so that pretty much anybody can understand it. He, by providing supporting documentation, has allowed for the debate to move from the emotive to the factual and shown CM to be what he really is.

    Keep up the good work

  257. I am delighted to add my name as a show of support for John Abraham. All the best for he and the University of St Thomas to prevail against Monkton’s shallow and vindictive attempt to stifle Abraham’s legitimate critique of his quackery.

    Hari Black
    London, United Kingdom

  258. I fully support John Abraham’s efforts to get out the truth about climate change and to refute claims that unprecedentedly rapid climate change is not happening.

  259. I support John Abraham without reservation in this dispute with Lord Monckton. I have exchanged some correspondence with John Abraham, and believe that his review of earlier work by Lord Monckton adheres to the best practices of peer review. I believe that the allegations of Lord Monckton on this matter are without merit.

  260. I offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton. Professor Abraham provided an important public service by showing in detail Monckton’s misrepresentation of the science of climate, and I applaud him for that effort, and St. Thomas University for making his presentation available to the world.

  261. Monckton is so obviously speaking nonsense that anyone with the lease bit of knowledge of climate science should recognize it. Nevertheless, I was excited when I first encountered Dr. Abraham’s thorough debunking of one of Monckton’s spiels and immediately linked it to a discussion site I participate in. Thank you Dr. Abraham and thank you St. Thomas University for forcefully protecting the principle of academic freedom!

  262. Prof Abraham and the university should never give in to bully-tactics from this unscientific attack by Mr Monckton. This attempted censoring of science goes against everything real scientists stand for. Way to go John, and keep up the great work.

    Keith Deaney, PhD Student, Earth Sciences.

  263. I support Dr. Abraham in his valiant effort to detail just how little truth there is in Monckton’s words. The smearing of an opponent and the claim of libel is the last resort of the desperate, and in this debate Monckton has turned to them first, without any attempt at contrition for his misrepresentation of scientific endeavour. Monckton and others are doing immense damage by distorting the public perception of climate science and individuals like Dr. Abraham should be applauded and supported every step of the way, not persecuted in the manner that Monckton is forced to resort to in his lack of a compelling retort.

    Tomas L. Martin
    University of Bristol

  264. Great initiative. Please add me to the petition to support Abraham.

    Dr Tim Stephens
    Faculty of Law, University of Sydney
    MPhil in Geography (Cambridge) PhD in Law (Sydney)

  265. Proffessor Abraham’s presentation was clear, and to the point. A marked contrast to the work he was critiquing.

    Rob Darvall
    Qld Australia

  266. I fully support John Abraham and his excellent work in exposing the PP.

    I notice that the PP does not seem to have any official web residence which could have complaining emails directed at it (unless I’m missing something)?

  267. I am a mature student taking a BSc Honours degree part time in the UK with the Open University in Environmental Studies. I have been doing so since 2000 and have learned to distinguish between good science and the brown sticky stuff quite early on in my education.
    Professor John Abraham is one of those stalwarts who brings more credibility to his university through telling the truth and demonstrating the true skills of teaching that are needed by the few to educate the many. If we are to really do what is right with regards climate change then we need to have people like John who are generous with their time and knowledge.
    What is more John treats everyone as equal and by doing so has earned my respect.
    If I was the head of teaching staff at St Thomas University I would highly commend John for his professionalism and make sure the leading papers knew as well.
    Well done John. Monckton is a fool who resorts to cheap shots to drum up support where he can gain none through legitimate means and real science.

  268. For the University to surrender to Monckton’s attempted bullying would be to endorse the approach to ‘research’ of a non-climate-scientist whose deep learning in this matter can be fittingly epitomised by his claim that in medieval times “[t]here was little ice at the North Pole: a Chinese naval squadron sailed right round the Arctic in 1421 and found none.”

    Monckton seems to be among an increasing number of self-appointed reactionary pundits who confuse what they sanctify in stentorian tones as their ‘freedom of speech’ with what their actions show they really want: immunity from the consequences of that speech.

    If a person sets themselves up as a commentator on climate change by peddling this kind of delirious, febrile gibberish, then they are laying themselves open to a thorough investigation of their claims.

    This is precisely what Prof Abraham has done, and he has done it superbly, If only his scrupulously detailed refutation had the same kind of publicity as Monckton’s dreams of non-existent Chinese naval expeditions to supposedly ice-free North Poles. Apparently Monckton believes that freedom of speech should only apply to himself rather than to Prof Abraham.

    Prof Abraham has done the public and his institution a great service by doing it. I call on the university to show its public support for Prof Abraham in every way it can.

  269. Gareth,

    In case you haven’t noticed, a few denialist trolls have posted comments in this thread in obvious disregard of its clearly stated intention.

    Can I suggest that you flush the comments of these cockroaches (!) away? If you don’t, they will breed like, well, cockroaches.

    [I’m doing my best to keep up, and to work out how to get the comments to number properly – I have had to use paginated comments to cut server load, and my WP theme doesn’t number them properly…]

  270. John Abraham’s respectful, thoroughly researched, clear rebuttal must be defended and promoted. Universities are a bastion of peer reviewed science, which Christopher Monckton chooses to ignore. Lord Monckton’s verbal gymnastics reveal an impressive intellect applied to demagoguery and ideology rather than a genuine effort to understand the methods scientist use to refine and explain their unbiased understanding of the physical world. Although the effectiveness of fact checking is debatable in an increasingly unreasonable political environment, but we must all keep working at it and stand with people like Professor Abraham.

    Charles Zeller, Retired, Austin, TX

  271. Loonies like Monckton keep loading up this handbasket to hell with great boulders, so we will only fall faster. If they’d look around they’d see we’re all in it together. Then might they ask themselves what if they’re wrong and we’re right? That the ‘we’ I speak of includes the finest climate scientists on the planet cannot, it seems, dent their pride and absolute conviction of superior intelligence. With the kind of hubris that makes for perfect tragedy they pursue their course, dragging us with them. So, even if only the most powerful few of the species are maladaptive, all must suffer the consequences equally. For what? To protect their bloated egos and vested interest? We must staunchly support Prof. Abraham and all who have sought the truth and follow their conviction that it must be shared and acted upon.

  272. I offer my unreserved support of John Abraham, and I urge St Thomas University to do the same.

    Those spouting pseudo-science have the complete right to do so, but they do not have the right to try to shut down the freedom of speech of those who expose their nonsense for what it is.

    Sami Grover

  273. Congratulations to John Abraham and the university for revealing Monckton’s farrago of misinformation and lies. Seems the denialistas can dish it out but can’t take.

  274. I am appalled that Monckton, who’s views on global warming cannot bear scrutiny, would attempt to silence a real scientist who has obviously spent real time and effort to validate his list of the litany of errors contained in Moncktons ramblings.

    Further, I urge that Prof. Abraham be rewarded and all complaints against him be consigned to the rubbish bin.

    Rob Jones
    University of New England, Armidale, Australia

  275. The University must not allow Monckton’s illegitimate crusade to prevail.. Continue to support John Abraham’s careful research and allow his presentation to remain on university servers as a fine example of academic freedom.

  276. Having reviewed a number of these comments, I find there is little to add, except to add my name to those who fully support Professor Abraham’s superb rebuttal of the Potty Peer’s inanities. I trust Dr. Abraham will have the full support of St. Thomas U.

    Thank you Dr. Abraham and thank you St. Thomas University.

    Dave Willis Hudson QC Canada

  277. I fully support Prof. Abraham and applaud St. Thomas University for its continued support of him despite the unwarranted threats of legal action.

  278. This contrasts with my attempts at getting Ian Plimer disciplined for lying on national television in Australian. Melbourne University could do nothing because he’s emeritus, while Adelaide was unwilling to take action because they regarded his activities as normal.

    I don’t know if I was entirely fair trying to shut him up this way. But it seems to me there is a massive asymmetry in all this. The stolen CRU emails have ultimately revealed at most trivial wrong-doing and there have been at least FOUR investigations of the major players. When are we going to see ONE investigation of what’s behind the obviously dishonest denial campaign?

    You can support the CRU scientists by signing my petition:

  279. I offer Dr. Abraham and the University of St. Thomas my complete and unreserved support in the hosting of his rebuttal to Christopher Monckton’s presentation.

    Florida, U.S.
    B.S,, Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, ’93

  280. There is very detailed discussions of all of the science relative to Dr. Abraham’s rebuttal of Monckton. I fully support Dr. Abraham and all other scientists and their efforts to clarify false premises regarding research into climate change.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Lucien P. Locke Jr.

  281. John Abraham’s piece was accurate, professionally executed, and without slander. John Abraham is a credit to St. Thomas University. I hope St. Thomas will continue to post his expose and support his efforts to clarify the popular “debate” about climate science.

    Bell Buckle, TN
    (Ph.D., 1985, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University)

  282. I too support John Abraham and all scientists who are attacked in the spirit of adversarial politics with little rergard for evidence based science.

  283. I fully support Mr. Abraham, and am disappointed by Monckton’s attempt to silence those who he disagrees with.

    Cameron MacLeod, B.CompSci
    Toronto, Canada

  284. Please count me in. I want to express my appreciation and support for Professor John Abraham and his excellent work, which reflects positively on St Thomas University.

    Kennett Square, USA

  285. I support John Abraham. Let him speak.
    Climate scientists need a right of reply.
    This issue it too important to be misconstrued and abused.

    Western Australia

  286. Please count me in as a supporter of Professor John Abraham.

    I stand behind good science, reason, and legitimate debate of the issues – NOT bullying and intimidation!

    Whidbey Island, Washington, USA

  287. I support science and therefore support Dr. John Abraham revealing Mr. Monckton’s fraudulent misrepresentation of the state of climate science.

  288. Dr. Abrahams and St. Thomas University have presented clear facts rebutting the lies presented by Mr. Monckton. The public has a right to know what Dr. Abrahams and St. Thomas University have to say. The attempts by the GW denialist community to distort facts and to defame and silence scientists should be rejected.

  289. I wholly support Dr. Abraham’s conclusions regarding Christopher Monckton’s claims. The scale of Lord Monckton’s response to this matter is entirely unwarranted and demonstrates his inability to respond on scientific grounds. He consistently distorts science, spreads misinformation, and vehemently attacks anyone who criticizes his statements. As an educator and a scientist, I find this reprehensible.

    It is very important that the public be able to see Dr. Abraham’s presentation. It is a service to their intelligence.

    Dr. Alden B Griffith
    Wellesley College

  290. It would be a gross violation of academic freedom and also a great disservice to truth for a university to give any credence to Monckton’s claims.

    Neil Levy
    University of Oxford

  291. I offer unreserved support for John Abraham and St. Thomas University in the matter of complaints made to them by Christopher Monckton.

    Matthew Wilson
    Perth, Western Australia.

  292. I offer my unreserved support for Prof. Abraham. The man deserves a medal for his sober and scientifically sound approach to exposing the numerous fallacies in Moncton’s claims regarding climate change.

    Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
    Department of the Geophysical Sciences
    The University of Chicago

  293. I also support John Abraham, and all scientists who are attacked in the spirit of polemical, adversarial politics, with such little regard for evidence based science.

    Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D.
    Faculty of Graduate Studies
    Mahidol University
    Salaya, Thailand

  294. I support Dr. Abraham and science. I encourage St. Thomas University to resist the bullying of Mr. Monckton by standing behind Dr. Abraham and his work.

  295. I may just be a lowly artist with an AA degree in engineering, but I’ve been following this topic for years & I support John Abraham.

    Also, I think that Viscount Monckton is exactly the kind of upper crust twit Monty Python was so good at lampooning & am waiting for John Cleese’s impersonation of him.

  296. I have watched and listened to Prof. Abraham’s presentation, and am frankly shocked that Lord Monckton would misrepresent it as in any way unprofessional. It eschewed empty rhetoric, hewed closely to the scientific matter in question using careful and objective language, and cited the literature extensively in support of the points made.

    In my view, it was an admirable production in the best traditions of academic discourse intended for a popular audience–albeit in a distinctly modern format.

    I urge the authorities at St. Thomas to uncategorically reject Monckton’s attempt to intimidate Prof. Abraham as a gross attack on academic freedom–and one, moreover, not founded on fact.

  297. I’m Marcus from Adelaide, South Australia, & I wholeheartedly support Professor John Abraham-& am utterly appalled at the gutter tactics used by Monckton & his camp followers to try & shut down reasonable debate on this topic.

  298. I support science and academic freedom, and strongly urge the University to not only support Professor Abraham, but to make it clear to one and all that Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is the sad but inevitable result of inbreeding amongst the upper classes.

  299. Congrats to Prof Abraham for his detailed take-down of Monkton’s inane blather. This buffoon has made many similar threats in the past with nothing to show fro them. St Thomas need to come out and unreservedly support Prof Abraham for his fine piece of work.

    D. Robert Sutherland
    Professor of Medicine
    University of Toronto