Santa Baby (and other views)

Christmas morning has dawned sunny and warm chez Hot Topic, and there’s a pile of presents waiting to be opened. I doubt that any will be what Eartha Kitt had in mind when she recorded Santa Baby in 1953, but she makes a compelling case for Christmas largesse to be directed her way. This afternoon the weather is expected to turn to custard (or, perhaps, brandy butter) and when the rain sets in my mood may turn to match Eric Idle’s rather more ascerbic (and sweary – definitely NSFW) take on the festive season:

And if you’re feeling at all gloomy about prospects for the human race, then I have the perfect song for you. Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge1 assure us that worse is on the way — a truth we will all have to live with.

Normal service will be resumed when the mince pies are finished.

  1. From their 2012 album, Gonwards. []

5 thoughts on “Santa Baby (and other views)”

  1. And a hearty season’s greetings to you, Gareth. From a sunny, but cold, Christmas morning in Devon, UK.

    Keep up the good work in 2014. Let’s hope for more progress against climate denial.

  2. Further season’s greetings to you, Gareth, and the regulars. My ongoing thanks to this website. Given what 2013 brought on the extreme weather front globally, it’s not hard to see ‘worse on the way.’ Politically, it’s hard to see any movement with Obama entering lame duck territory, but, like you, I’d like to see some real action.

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