Recursive fraudery: Monckton goes mad in Australia

Christopher, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley’s tour of Australia must be going very badly, because the “high priest of climate scepticism” is indulging in another of his increasingly desperate displays of attention seeking behaviour. After giving a poorly attended lecture in Hobart last week, Monckton took umbrage at an article in the Sunday Tasmanian (on the web here) reporting the views of Tony Press, CEO of the University of Tasmania’s Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-operative Research Centre, who was not impressed by Monckton’s efforts. In response, Monckton has thrown his toys out of his fossil fuel funded pram, and called for the University of Tasmania to fire Press. Here’s the last paragraph from his typically pompous and ludicrous letter [pdf] to the Vice Chancellor:

On any view, Press is not a fit and proper person to be employed in any capacity at the University of Tasmania. I hope that the University will investigate his misconduct and fraud and will dismiss him forthwith.

Connoisseurs of Monckton’s antics will note that this is a well established pattern of behaviour. Remember when he took exception to the comprehensive dismantling of one of his lectures by John Abraham, and tried to get him fired? Nothing came of that threat — except that Abraham was motivated to become more active in countering climate crank nonsense wherever it appears.

In his latest attack on academic freedom, Monckton accuses Press of fraud:

The multiple falsehoods by Press published in an article in the Sunday Tasmanian on 24 February 2013 manifestly constitute frauds as defined in your policy. Press’ deceptions, false suggestions, suppressions of truth and other unfair means were calculated – individually and by mutual reinforcement – to occasion loss to me and continuing profit to himself.

Monckton’s hypocrisy here is breathtaking. He is himself a fraud, as I demonstrated in this post nearly three years ago. I might also note that in order to suffer a loss of reputation, you first have to have a good one. Anyone who cares to peruse the history of his climate activities, as recorded by Barry Bickmore at Monckton’s Rap Sheet, will find that the discount viscount has a chequered past, as well as plenty of evidence of Moncktonian toy-throwing and threats when criticised1 — none of which amount to more than a considerable waste of time for the people he attacks.

Not satisfied with vilifying Press alone, Monckton has widened his hissy fit to call for the prosecution of climate scientists in general — another of his favourite themes. Here he is at WND2:

A senior Australian police officer specializing in organized-crime frauds tells me the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate scientists may yet lead to prosecutions.

When the cell door slams on the first bad scientist, the rest will scuttle for cover. Only then will the climate scare – mankind’s strangest and costliest intellectual aberration – be truly over.

The strange and costly aberration here is not in the state of our understanding of the climate of our planet, but in the weird and wonderful mindset of people like Monckton who think that climate science is a scam designed to usher in world government.

Monckton brings his conspiracy roadshow to New Zealand in April for an extensive tour of the nation’s smaller venues. I’m sure he will get a warm welcome from the dim and deluded, and the local branch of the Flat Earth Society.

  1. There’s a particularly amusing recent example from the Newcastle Herald here. []
  2. He has repeated the call in interviews on Sydney radio station 2GB in the last couple of days. []

18 thoughts on “Recursive fraudery: Monckton goes mad in Australia”

  1. Which small centers? It would be interesting to front up for a little discrete mockery. Even just a small clicker that is clicked every time he makes an error. Just make sure the audience realises the significance.

    Harks back to Nee-deets @ high school. You can say “Nee-deet” without your lips moving. It could drive CBHS’s music master Cliff Cook (bless him) demented when dozens of kids kept imitating frogs during Assembly music practice. Impossible to pin down who dunnit until you pushed him too far and he would threaten to put the whole school in detention. Could lead to severe beatings behind the bike sheds.

    1. Far be it from me to promote his tour, but if you check the laughably-titled “climate realists” NZ site, you’ll get the full picture on their front page. Includes sponsorship by Ian Wishart and his missus, and a ChCh “panel” discussion to be moderated (ha!) by Rodney Hide.

  2. Oh gawd! It’s obvious the man’s a raving lunatic. One should be feeling sorry for him really. He should be quietly lead away to a nice secure place somewhere, where he can air his delusions to his hearts content, and placed on the medication he obviously needs.

    In the meantime those who “use” this poor soul to propagandise their denialist agenda are the real villains in this sorry mess.

  3. A senior Australian police officer specializing in organized-crime frauds tells me the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate scientists may yet lead to prosecutions.

    Oh, for God’s Sake!

    Desperation it is. This stunt doesn’t even rise to the level of the ridiculous.

    And isn’t it ironic how many of these passionate pro-libuuuurty Freedom-Loving™ types are so enthused at the prospect of silencing their opponents via the courts and sticking people in jail?

    If you really want to see head-exploding examples of bona-fide authoritarian personalities who fancy themselves as the Friends of Liberty™ in action read the Jo Nova thread on this piece of nonsense. NOTE: HVR*.

    *Head-Vice Required.

    1. The Laird has almost got it…..let’s see……

      ‘the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate “scientists” may yet lead to prosecutions.’

      That’s more like it!

  4. I’ve been wondering when these fossils will be prosecuted themselves for all the things they accuse climate scientists of? Why let them set the agenda all the time?

    1. Sadly I think not much will happen until the doggy-do really does hit the fan and the Great Unwashed realise what crap they’ve lead into, then they’ll find themselves as guests of honour at tarrin’ and a’feathering’ parties. Or even necktie parties.
      And their own grandchildren will be whacking the horse on the rump.

  5. Perhaps the potty peer can be judged by the company he keeps. Thankfully his visit to Australia has generated relatively little media interest, but he did get some coverage for his stop-off in Canberra to speak at the launch of the anti-multicultural ‘Rise up Australia’ party led by bonkers creationist Danny Nalliah.

    According to Graham Redfearn’s blog even Andrew Bolt thought this was beyond the pale !
    Check out the ABC report too (especially the bits about Danny’s track record 🙂

  6. It’s probably more effective to dress up in suitably deranged costumes to create the impression that only raving nutters and flat-earthers support him. Frequent interjections “PRAISE THE LORD!!” “AMEN, BROTHER!!” just to encourage a circus. Parody can be a sharper blade than sarcasm or protest.
    I would just do it hard having to pay $20 to get in.

  7. OK, folks, be sure to wear your best tinfoil hat – or, just to be on the safe side, hats.

    Remember, UN drones are everywhere, spying on our thoughts… only a cancer-curing Lord can save us from their evil plans.

  8. Seems Australia as a destination of those in struggle with their home situation has history. First the Empire sent their less than desirables, now those with smoking bridgeheads on both sides of the river are seeking to make their last stand in front of audiences: Monckton, Rossi (e-cat) and his crumbling legacy…. who else?

    1. I reckon people figure that any nation that could possibly seriously contemplate having Tony Abbott as Prime Minister will swallow absolutely anything!

      (Incidentally, Heartland’s little friend – and Tony’s – Cory Bernardi is no.1 on my home state’s federal Senate ticket for the Libs for September’s election! So we’re to conclude that he’s a pinnacle representative of ‘conservatism’, then? Good Grief!)

      It’s genuinely embarrassing

      1. Yes and I do feel sorry at the prospect of an Abbott-Oz indeed.

        Of cause here our duck’s back (like water…) Johnny Boy Key is not much better.

        And when the going is a bit tough for the super rich NZ’s mantra is: Sell State Assets… meaning we sell them at fire sale prices to mates in high places (at Lilliput arms length…) who then offload their loot at more realistic values to overseas interests… a quick way to make a few ten $Mill quit in rush, if you are part of the in-crowd… a space to watch…. Most of those who benefit from the hoot will be either rich or white or, traditionally, both….

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