Race for the prize

The rather good 3 Quarks Daily has launched a new series of blog prizes, beginning with an award for the best science post. Ken at Open Parachute tipped me off, and so you’ll find I’ve taken the opportunity for a bit of self-promotion and nominated the first(*) Monckton tale — Monckton & The Case Of The Missing Curry. There’s a week of public voting (nominees here, voting here — ends on June 8th NY time), and then a shortlist will be handed over to the estimable Steven Pinker for judging. First prize (the “top quark”) is US$1,000, which is a lot more than it looks when converted to NZ dollars… Votes are therefore solicited. But if you prefer to support Ken’s entries, that’s fine by me.

* – A second Monckton tale, tentatively titled Monckton Flies West, is in preparation. But don’t hold your breath.

[Gratuitous Theremin abuse]

One thought on “Race for the prize”

  1. There is enormous fun to be had browsing the nominees’ entries – and I do believe my life is richer for learning of the existence of The Academy of the Lynx-Eyed – the first modern scientific society in Europe, founded in Naples in 1603 (Galileo was a member).
    Bonne chance, Gareth!

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