Paperback believers

JStewart.jpgProviding a counterpoint to their sister paper’s coverage of Britain’s climate cranks, the Independent on Sunday has announced its Green List of Britain’s top 100 most effective environmentalists. In the top slot is John Stewart, the leader of efforts to stop the building of a third runway at Heathrow. Conspicuous by their absence are David Bellamy and James Lovelock (balancing each other out, one might suppose). The full list is interesting – note the number of high profile business people in high positions. Another sign that the “debate” about climate issues in Britain is a lot more developed than in NZ. It’s difficult to imagine Roger Kerr getting anywhere near a similar list here…

Just for the record: in the charts at #100…

The Queen, Monarch

Plebs aren’t supposed to know, but one is actually rather hot on climate change. Tipped up at Anglo-German expert meeting to give silent blessing. Rumoured to have nagged Blair. Energy-efficient lightbulbs at Buck House. Using hydropower from Thames at Windsor Castle.

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3 thoughts on “Paperback believers”

  1. John Stewart deserves to be number one. He’s amazing – tireless work over many, many years – now been picked up by others like Plane Stupid – but way ahead of his time.

    you’re right, Carol – not many celebs – except of course Thom Yorke and KT Tunstall – and Attenborough of course. But can’t think of any other UK celebs who really deserve to be in there. Interesting seeing companies like Marks & Spencer mentioned – M&S’s change for the better is a direct result of work done by NGO’s. But NGO’s get a good showing in the list, so can’t complain.

    GREAT to see Bellamy not on the list – fantastic – his climate scepticism and pro-company predilections over the recent years have done him no good whatsoever.

  2. Gareth,
    I always try come through here to catchup on matters.. interesting this day mention of a once famous botanist now listable among the self-ignorant ranks in climatic terms..
    To all deniers, however, who more truly require an undestanding of their predicament with a view to honorable epiphany, allow me suggest the Skinny on.. connection.

    Yourself, too, of course, for that vital oversite of how this world really works. Badly, yes I know, but unless we know the extent of this..


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