National to provide sunset home for climate cranks

HomerWhy would the National Party, newly wedded to its emissions target of “50 in 50

3 thoughts on “National to provide sunset home for climate cranks”

  1. Well Dr Smith and/or his script writers would appear to be on firm ground..a quick googling of “holocaust denial” in relation to climate comes up with a load of hits.

    eg…”If you’re skeptical about the litany behind climate change,” says Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, “it’s suddenly as if you’re a Holocaust denier.”

    Clearly the long arm of the labour party isn’t constrained to these small islands!

  2. This is the Patrick Moore I think about when I see that name mentioned… He generally makes more sense. Once wrote to Lords to ask what should be scored when a ball hit a goat in the field of play.

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