Lomborg criticises crank conference*

Lomborg.jpgThe weekend before last, business leaders from around the world met in Copenhagen and issued a call for an international commitment to steep emissions cuts. Bjorn Lomborg’s contribution to proceedings was a column the Wall Street Journal headlined “The Climate-Industrial Complex”. It seems Bjorn was concerned that some capitalists might seek to profit from action to deal with the climate. Shock! Horror! He went on to wring his hands about those backing the Copenhagen conference:

There would be an outcry — and rightfully so — if big oil organized a climate change conference and invited only climate-change deniers.

And in late-breaking news, we hear that Lomborg has noticed today’s crank conference in Washington, funded by oil money, and has loudly condemned proceedings in the Wall Street Journal

The partnership among self-interested businesses, grandstanding politicians and alarmistsceptic campaigners truly is an unholy alliance. The climate-industrial complex does not promote discussion on how to overcome this challenge in a way that will be best for everybody. We should not be surprised or impressed that those who stand to make a profit are among the loudest calling for politicians to actdo nothing. Spending a fortune on global carbon regulations will benefit a feweveryone, but dearly cost everybody elsea few. [Fixed that for you, Bjorn…]

* – In your dreams…

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