Landcorp lambasted

According to the NZ Herald, Landcorp, the country’s biggest farmer and a state owned enterprise, has done nothing to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions and has not even begun considering how the problem might be addressed. [Link]

Reviewing the company’s performance, Parliament’s primary produce subcommittee were surprised to discover that the company had taken no steps to establish its own carbon footprint, or consider how it might go about reducing emissions. Landcorp has been enthusiastically felling trees in the central North Island – 25,000 ha of forest is planned for dairy and pastoral conversion over the next 20 years – turning carbon sinks into methane emitters. It apparently believes that the drive for any change has to come from its customers and consumers, but the shareholders have a say too. If Michael Cullen and Trevor Mallard (the shareholding ministers) are going to pay more than lip service to making NZ carbon neutral, they might want to have a word with their old friend and Landcorp chairman-designate, Jim Sutton. Perhaps they could send him the summary for policymakers from the IPCC’s mitigation report when it comes out at the end of this week.

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    And yes, the models are wrong – but note the direction. They are underestimating change – not, as sceptics would have us believe, overestimating.

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  3. Hi! Just wandered over from No Right Turn, looks like you’re going to have some interesting stuff here. I’m especially curious about NZ impacts. I guess we can look forward to the full AR4 WG2 report for that…

  4. WG2 will be interesting, but I understand that NIWA is working on revised projections for NZ based on the AR4 modelling that didn’t make the AR4 cut. They’re also using their local climate model to supplement of statistical downscaling, so the results may have some surprises.

  5. Nice looking blog and good to see someone from NZ posting on climate stuff.

    By the way – I’ve noticed NZ has a surprising number of skeptics/cranks for such a small population. Even Bob Carter here in Australia hails from NZ I believe. Is it something about the weather over there that breeds these folks?

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