It’s a moral issue too…

Climate change is without doubt a moral issue as well as a scientific, economic and political minefield. I don’t often argue the moral imperative, preferring to concentrate on more technical issues, so it was refreshing to read a compelling article by Klaus Bosselmann, Professor of Law and Director of the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law at the University of Auckland, in the Herald today.

The international climate change regime is totally inadequate, delaying the tough decisions to some indefinite future. There is a huge gap between the jurisprudence of international environmental law and so-called “sovereign” states enviously pursuing their national interests. The gap can only be closed through a worldwide moral discourse with strong leadership. This is precisely where New Zealand as a small player can make a difference. International moral leadership will be rewarded, in political and economic terms. There may be a bill to be paid in the short term, but big dollars can be earned by moving fast towards carbon neutrality and letting the world know about it. In sum, sound morality makes sound politics.

If you read nothing else today, read this.

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