How “sceptics” view Arctic sea ice decline

In the grand tradition of the Skeptical Science global temperature “escalator“, Dana Nucitelli has put together an animated graphic that shows how cranks/deniers/faux-sceptics tend to view the Arctic sea ice decline, contrasted with how the rest of the world sees it. Dovetails nicely with my projections of the response to the melt from the crank echo chamber. If next year’s minimum is higher than this year, you can guarantee there will be shouts of recovery…

One thought on “How “sceptics” view Arctic sea ice decline”

  1. Recovery? Not this September!


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    [186] The defendant is entitled to costs. Given the time involved and the steps taken, costs on a category 2 time band C would seem appropriate. However, if the parties are unable to agree I will receive memoranda and deal with the issue of costs on the basis of such memoranda.

    Oh, and my home state has generated more than half of its energy from wind this week; at one stage even exporting wind excess to the national grid.

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