Hot spring

According to the US National Climate Data Centre, global temperature during the boreal (northern hemisphere) spring (Mar – May) 2007 was the third warmest on record. January to May was the warmest recorded, tying for first place with 1998. However, the UK Met Office doubt that 2007 will break 1998’s overall record:

David Parker, a climate variability scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre said: “These latest Met Office figures show that the first four months of 2007 are on track with our global forecast for a warmer-than-average year, but the cool La Nina event developing in the equatorial Pacific could prevent 2007 from being the warmest ever year

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  1. Ah yes, the site promoting Mr Robert Felix’s book Not By Fire, But By Ice… Here’s a short taster:

    Horner’s herd [of dinosaurs] was caught in the biggest snowstorm in 14.1 million years … the same kind of snowstorm that will soon kill most of us! With massive volcanic eruptions behind them, and six feet of snow per hour falling on their heads, the desperate maiasaurs stampeded. Eyes rolling, noses snorting, and lungs bellowing, the biggest, the hardiest, the meanest, tore to the front of the pack.

    Very amusing.

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